Avril Lavigne Plans ‘Badass’ Wedding Dress For Tying The Knot Take Two

Avril Lavigne surprised everyone last month with news she planned to wed Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, but, as fans know, it’s not the 27-year-old songstress’ first trip down the aisle.

Prior to her engagement to Kroeger, Avril Lavigne was married to Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley back in 2006. For her first wedding, Lavigne opted for a white dress and more classical look, but, for her second broom jumping, the singer plans to mix it up a bit and go for a bit of an avant garde look.

Lavigne and Kroeger got engaged and announced their plans to wed in August after six months of dating. You might think that after one divorce, a longer engagement is wise, but Lavigne and Kroeger, 37, are more than happy to forge ahead and jump into the marriage game once more.

According to Lavigne, wedding dresses are something that have been on her mind lately as she forays into fashion with a Fashion Week showing. Of her own style plans for her wedding day, Avril says:

“Either it’s something I’m going to design, or partner up with, collaborate with another designer.”

Lavigne also dished on her courtship with Kroeger, saying:

“It was really natural, and we met in the studio and were friends for a while, and one of our last days in the studio was when he proposed, and it was super romantic and it had a lot of meaning behind it.”

Back when she married Whibley, Lavigne said of her style:

“I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I have to wear the white dress …. People thought that I would [wear a] black wedding dress, and I would have … But at the same time, I was thinking about the wedding pictures, and I wanted to be in style. I didn’t want to be thinking, 20 years later, ‘Oh, why did I wear my hair like that?”

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have yet to announce a wedding date.