What Happened To Megan Foglesong?

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking for Megan Foglesong. The 22-year-old woman went missing at the end of 2015, and remains missing many months later, with no answers behind what may have happened to her. WQAD News reports that her disappearance is now being investigated as “a case of foul play,” but what exactly happened to this missing woman? Will KBI authorities get the answer before her case hits the one-year mark?

When Megan Foglesong went missing in either late November or December 2015, it garnered the immediate interest of folks on social media and missing persons-related forums. That attention has persisted even eight months later. However, with all of the interest on social media, there is still a total lack of information in her case. There have been at least two “unconfirmed sightings” of the missing woman, none of which have ever led to her discovery.

According to her loved ones, she ceased all social media activity in November, which is around the time anyone had last seen or heard from her. Meanwhile, an unconfirmed sighting of her was reported around Christmas, but it was never officially tied to her. She technically wasn’t reported missing to the police until February 10, 2016.

This is truly a mysterious disappearance, with very few confirmed details in the media on which to speculate. Up until very recently, there has been widespread hope that the missing woman would be located. However, authorities with the KBI have confirmed that they believe Megan Foglesong is the victim of foul play.

There are no specific details available on what kind of foul play authorities think targeted the missing woman. Deputy Brian Treastor with the Rice County Sheriff’s Department has stated that giving further information, at this time, could hinder this case. Treastor also insinuated that another case could be linked to the disappearance of Foglesong. Furthermore, there aren’t many other disappearances in the state of Kansas that have been publicly recorded.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, there are approximately 63 people recorded missing in the state of Kansas. Of those 63 people, at least 29 of the disappearances are women — including Megan Foglesong. None of the listed cases appear to be from the same area where Foglesong vanished.

Megan Foglesong is described as a white female, 22 years old, with sandy blonde hair. She stands at approximately 5’3″, and weighs between 140 and 170 lbs. She has multiple piercings, including her tongue, ears, and navel. She also has multiple tattoos, which include a flower on her left hip, a heart on her right wrist with the words “thick thin,” and a dream catcher down the side of her left calf. She also has an infinity symbol on her upper chest area.

Social media is paying a lot of attention to this mysterious case. There is even a Facebook group dedicated solely to the search for Megan Foglesong. The Bring Megan Home group has attracted nearly 3,000 members — all of whom dedicate time to either spreading awareness about Megan’s disappearance or talking about what may have happened to her. Meanwhile, her loved ones continue to hold on to hope, while asking for any helpful information from the public that could lead to finding this missing woman.

If you know anything about this disappearance, or if you believe you may have sighted this missing woman, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities at the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. You can also contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who is now heading this bizarre case.

[Photo via Megan Foglesong Facebook profile]