‘The Secret World’ Update Arrives Thursday

The second monthly update for The Secret World will arrive on Thursday. The new “Digging Deeper” content was originally planned for today, but it was delayed at the last minute due to an unexpected problem. The change of the release date was announced by the game’s developer, Funcom, in a Twitter post that read, “Due to an issue found last night we decided to postpone the ‘Issue 2’ update to September 13th.”

Tomorrow’s update will feature a generous helping of new missions, new nightmare mode dungeons, avatar customization features, and one special item that will make lovers of serious firepower very happy. Funcom shared their plans for “Digging Deeper” with the following announcement on The Secret World website:

“Digging Deeper is jam-packed with content, including new character customization options, the plastic surgery and barbershop, new investigation and action missions…and last (but definitely not least) our first auxiliary weapon: the rocket launcher!”

The Secret World has attracted a great deal of interest from gamers since its debut in July. The game is set in a world full of hidden plots and conspiracies. Players join one of three secret societies; the Templar, the Illuminati, or the Dragon, and work their way up the ranks as they progress through the game. The three shadowy organizations are the real powers behind the proverbial throne and they are engaged in a never ending struggle for control over the destiny of humanity.

The game’s plot introduces players to a dystopian future that is slowly beginning to come apart at the seams. After almost two thousand years of relative calm, the world is once again threatened by powerful ancient beings, who dispatch monsters, undead, and demons to terrorize mankind.

It is up to each player, as a member of one of the secret societies, to confront evil, and defeat the fearsome overlords who would enslave the human race. As you confront and conquer your enemies, you will unravel many of the great mysteries lurking on the fringes of human consciousness.

Reaction to The Secret World by the online gaming community has been extremely positive. Players particularly enjoy the challenging investigation missions that are at the heart of the game. Instead of just hacking and slashing their way through the content, player’s must solve problems, and use their knowledge of history, religion, art, and science to complete the missions.

Anyone who is looking for an MMORPG that respects a player’s intellect as much as the speed of their trigger finger should seriously consider playing this excellent offering from Funcom. Here at Inquisitr, we have been playing since closed beta, and we consider The Secret World to be one of the most innovative, exciting and original games we have ever played.

On a more personal level, the “Digging Deeper” update is my dream come true. Tomorrow, I get my very own rocket launcher. I can’t wait to see zombies explode into tiny bits of undead meat when I fire a round or two. This is going to be so much fun.