Getting Hit In The Head With A Volleyball Is Credited With Saving Hawaiian Man’s Life [Video]

Kapolei, HI – Kaipo Pomaikai’s decision to go watch his grandson play in the state high school volleyball championship may have saved his life. The 60-year-old grandfather was hit in the head with a ball while sitting in the gymnasium. On the way home from the volleyball game, he began to lose vision in his left eye. Concerned about the sudden fluctuation in his eyesight, he drove straight to a hospital to get medical care. The doctors conducted a cat scan and discovered an unruptured aneurysm the size of a nickel had on the right side of his brain, Yahoo News reports.

Hawaiian doctors told the shocked grandpa that the brain aneurysm had likely formed years ago, and, if it had been left untreated, he probably would have died in just a few more years. Pomaikai’s brain surgery was successful, and he now feels like he had a new lease on life. Pomaikai is now extremely grateful that he was smacked in the head. He hopes to meet the young man who accidentally hit him with the volleyball and unknowingly helped save his life.

“It felt like someone hit you really hard with your eye open. That ball came across half court from the net. The kid had a good hit, man. I feel a divine intervention. I really do. Even the surgeon, the surgeon said, I’m not a godly man, but whatever you’re doing, you ain’t done yet,” the brain aneurysm survivor told KNON after recovering from the surgery.

The fateful accident would not have happened if the grandfather had not stopped three times to chat with friends on his way out of the McKinley High School gymnasium.