Dallas Police Shooting Videos: Brave Officer Tries To Take Down Gunman, But Is Executed At Point-Blank Range [Video]

A Black Lives Matter protest that began peacefully in Dallas, Texas, turned deadly after a man armed with a SKS semi-automatic rifle, and wearing tactical gear, began opening fire on police officers and bystanders. Since the horrific incident, videos from the harrowing scene have been surfacing online. Numerous media outlets were downtown filming the protest which resulted in almost immediate live coverage of the Dallas police shooting as it unfolded. Inquisitr has compiled some of the most striking videos from the Dallas police shooting below; however, video footage may not be suitable for all viewers as some video scenes contain graphic images and language.

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised as some videos contain graphic content.

Numerous videos were captured by news crews and bystanders showing the chaos as it unfolded in downtown Dallas. Startling video footage showed protesters and news crews running down the street from the scene as gunshots echoed in the background.

The constant video coverage also captured some unexpected scenes during the ordeal. Even news reporters were taken aback when video footage panned to a street were seemingly deceased officers could be seen laying on the ground. The reporter grasps for words as she attempts to come to terms with the devastation presented before her.

“I mean, we’re all seeing this together. This is not clear. It’s not clear, it’s not clear to me what we are seeing, but the situation is escalating.”

Perhaps one of the most startling Dallas police shooting is one captured of the moment that a brave police officer attempted to shoot the gunman but his bullet bounced off of the gunman’s tactical vest. The officer was subsequently executed at point-blank range after the gunman came from around a pillar and shot him in the back.

The Daily Mail notes that the brave police officer was attempting to stop the rampage by shooting the suspect in the back. However, the bullet bounced off of the gunman’s tactical gear and the officer was subsequently shot in the back. After falling to the ground, the gunman stood over the officer and shot him execution-style in the back multiple times.

According to the Daily Beast, the gunman was identified as Micah Johnson. A reservist who deployed to Afghanistan and member of multiple anti-police groups online, Johnson reportedly told police during negotiations that he was “upset about recent police shootings” and “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” It was noted that though the horrific Dallas police shooting took place as peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets, Johnson was not a part of the protest. Instead, it appears that Johnson followed a number of anti-police black separatist groups on Facebook such as The New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

The Daily Beast reported that following the Dallas police shooting, the African American Defense League posted a scathing message to the social media site.



The message has since been deleted. However, other equally disturbing messages remain on the page calling for the “barbecue of pigs” and sprinkling of pig’s blood in Baton Rouge.

“You and I know what we must do and I don’t mean marching, making a lot of noise, or attending conventions. We must ‘Rally The Troops!’ It is time to visit Louisiana and hold a barbeque. The highlight of our occasion will be to sprinkle Pigs Blood! Louisiana Revolutionaries You are being called out! Make ready and we shall come as theives in the night!”

The call for the “rallying of troops” in Baton Rouge is in response to the death of Alton Sterling at the hands of police officers in the area. The shooting is being decried as video of the encounter shows that Sterling’s gun was in his pocket when officers shot him multiple times in the chest. A video taken by Abdullah Muflahi does not appear to support the officer’s claim that Sterling’s gun represented an active threat. Instead, it appears that the gun was in a pocket and that Sterling never reached his hand in the direction of his gun during the “altercation.” Instead, the video shows Sterling pinned down, shot twice in the chest, and then shot four more times.

With groups like the African American Defense League calling for the “attack” of everything blue, many people in Baton Rouge are fearing rumors of a “purge” that is supposedly slated for this weekend in the distressed area. You can read more about the “purge” rumors here.

[Image by LM Otero/AP Photo]