Want To Register To Vote Online? Here’s Where To Get Started

During Kal Penn’s impassioned DNC speech last week in Charlotte, the Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle star implored the young voters watching to register to vote by going to commit.barackobama.com, joking about famously foul-mouthed Dem mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel’s penchant for four letter words and leaving viewers with another one: “vote!”

So it’s September 12, the elections are less than two months away, and you want to register to vote. Firstly, good job on getting your voter registration in early — as the election approaches, deadlines pass in different states, and you don’t want to be caught out in such a crucial election.

Whether you want to register to vote for President Obama or challenger Mitt Romney, planning is key to ensure you are registered to vote in your state — particularly with all the buzz about voter suppression in key states.

One first step is to check to see if you are registered to vote in your state, and learn your most updated polling place. CanIVote.org is a non-partisan site that will help you determine if you need to register to vote in your state, and it can direct you to your state’s Board of Elections in order to proceed if you discover you need to register.

register to vote online

And if you’ve got to register to vote, get cracking! While many state services have moved online, the ability to register to vote online isn’t fully realized yet, due to the potential for voter fraud. But many of the tools you need to register to vote online exist!

Got a printer? Rock The Vote has a voter registration form you can download and print, sign and send off ahead of the 2012 election.

So quit stalling, and register to vote!