Sony Pictures Screens ‘Ghostbusters’ For Select Members Of The Press, Early Reactions For Film Are Positive

Ghostbusters III was rumored to be in development for years. The third film of the franchise had a script written by Dan Aykroyd since the early 1990s, but the film never made it to production despite roughly 15 years of development. A big piece of that was Bill Murray’s unwillingness to do another sequel to Ghostbusters, but the death of Harold Ramis in 2014 sent the project in a completely different direction that will finally be seen in theaters next Friday.

Unfortunately, the new direction hasn’t been viewed favorably since the first Ghostbusters film in 17 years began production, and it’s not exactly easy to figure out why there is so much backlash against a film that hasn’t even hit theaters yet. As late as two weeks ago, 2016’s Ghostbusters was garnering a negative reaction from the fans

It was revealed in a previous article about the film that one of the biggest arguments against the new Ghostbusters film is the all-female cast that many are claiming are trying to make a play for the “sexist” card, which would force critics into giving the film good reviews. Needless to say, if Ghostbusters flops next week, many people will blame it on the casting being gimmicky.

The Ghostbusters All Use Their Blasters
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It’s unlikely that the film will flop to such an extreme, but the following statement was made by PJ Media about how the new Ghostbusters film will perform based on selling a franchise instead of quality work by the filmmakers.

“So remaking the film could seem like yet another Hollywood cash grab if not executed properly. No one wants their memories of Dr. Venkman and Co. spoiled by a lousy remake. Get it wrong, and you’ve got a group of surly Ghostbusters fans ready to vent on social media.”

Despite the fact that the Ghostbusters movie is still creating such a negative reaction the week before it comes to a theater near you. All that hype could be seen as speculation based on a few official trailers and the perception of what Ghostbusters is going to be like on screen. However, some people can finally argue for or against the film based on the actual film.

According to an article from, Sony Pictures is finally screening the Ghostbusters film for members of the press, but the early word about the film is coming from an elite group of insiders who have had the chance to see the film. The following reviews have been posted to Twitter to give us the early word on what 2016’s Ghostbusters was actually like to watch.

A lot is going to be said about these “early reviews,” especially because many more members of the press will be seeing the movie over the rest of the weekend. Word of mouth about the film is going to be very important because the negativity that has been surrounding the film has been all consuming. However, Patton Oswalt, David Arnold, and Jennifer Brett all had positive things to say.

Of course, there is a lot of speculation that these three reviews are to soften the perception of the film, and make the fans give the new Ghostbusters film a fighting chance to be successful. The fact is, though, that there is enough buzz about the film for a lot of people to see it regardless of the negative buzz for the first few weeks.

However, if the Ghostbusters franchise is to have a real future in Hollywood, the film would need to have legs and meet the financial expectations of the studio. That’s going to be tough right now considering the majority of people have already made up their minds before they ever step into the theater. Hopefully, these are the first positive reviews of many to come.

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