'Ice Age: Collision Course' Teams Up With 'The Knot' For Bizarre Promotion

Jeffrey Totey

Today, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios unveiled its most unique promotion pairing Ice Age: Collision Course with the Knot and Pinterest.

"As the #1 trusted authority on all things weddings, The Knot is the nation's largest source for wedding news and inspiration," states the wedding planning website. "We'll help you stay on top of trends to plan a wedding that's totally you."

And apparently, that means fictional characters as well.

This promotion is a completely new concept for the company, as the Knot has never featured a wedding profile of fictional characters found in a movie before. The digital stunt will be rolled out over the next two weeks leading up the premiere of the fourth sequel in the Ice Age series on July 22, 2016.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Peaches & Julian.???? @TheKnot https://t.co/tXb7kyCymi #HappilyEverMammoth pic.twitter.com/FfchEseU0f

— ICE AGE (@IceAge) July 8, 2016

In Collision Course, Peaches (daughter of Manny and Ellie) is engaged to Julian. The Knot's Ice Age website features all the details one would ever want to know about the happy couple, including the story of how the two met, the bridal party, and the ceremony details and is way to show prospective brides how they too can have their wedding website through the Knot. The Ice Age movie's Pinterest page is full of Peaches' pins for decorating ideas, bridal party gifts, honeymoon ideas, and more.

With all of the movies available, one has to wonder why the Knot and Pinterest thought that Ice Age: Collision Course would be a good fit or who this promotion is for. While the film franchise has been billed as a family movie, many adults have bailed on the series long ago.

Critics too have turned their back on the Ice Age series as each sequel in the series has received lower scores on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the franchise continues to make money for 20th Century Fox. Below is a list of the Ice Age movies with its current Rotten Tomatoes critics score and how much money each of the movies have made according to Box Office Mojo:

The original Ice Age movie surprised many with its heartfelt story that almost mirrored the live-action Three Men and a Baby movie, but with each sequel, the stories have become looser and sillier. Collision Course may be the film's most accurate title yet as some early reviews of the film are not promising.

"In one of the great mysteries of contemporary film, most sequels to animated feature hits go directly to DVD while, somehow, a fifth Ice Age movie is galumphing its way into theaters," says movie critic Alonso Duralde for the Wrap. "Lacking laughs, energy and sharp edges in equal degrees to its predecessors, Ice Age: Collision Course takes huge strides in the hotly-contested race to be 2016's Most Irrelevant Sequel."



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The plot of Ice Age: Collision Course begins with Ray Romano-voiced Manny forgetting his wedding anniversary to Ellie (Queen Latifah) and then worrying about the romance of daughter Peaches (Keke Palmer) and Julian (Adam DeVine). Of course, this all happens with the impending doom of a falling meteor that was set off by Scrat. The film's other voice talents include Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Simon Pegg, Wanda Sykes, and Jennifer Lopez. Joining the herd are Stephanie Beatriz, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Max Greenfield, Jessie J, Nick Offerman, Melissa Rauch, Michael Strahan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

— 20th Century Fox (@20thcenturyfox) July 8, 2016

[Image via The Knot/20th Century Fox]