Lamborghini Goes Hybrid. Eco-Friendly Gallardo Set For 2015 Release

When I typically think of hybrids I usually come up with names like “Prius” and “Volt” not “Gallardo” as in the Lamborghini Gallardo, but that’s exactly what the companies CEO Stephan Winkelmann has promised, with a relatively close street date of 2015.

During an interview with Automobilewoche in Germany the companies CEO stated that the Gallardo will utilize a small electric motor for urban traffic. He also announced that a full-sized gas based engine will still be used for highway driving. He wasn’t sure at this point if the gas guzzling portion will use a 10 or 12 cylinder engine. Regardless of engine size I’m pretty sure highway driving will more than make up for the gas savings you get when driving in the city.

Lamborghini has also announced that if the car is a success they will consider the technology for their Murcielago line. There’s no word on pricing yet, but given the current price of a Gallardo we’d be willing to put the price over $200,000. [via GearLive]