Area 51 Insider Acknowledges 'Black Projects,' Talks Conspiracy Theories Concerning Top Secret Military Base

Norman Byrd

According to an aerospace insider, the top secret military base in Nevada known as Area 51 has good reason(s) for maintaining tight security in and around the facility. In fact, he says that the secretiveness for which Area 51 is famous is necessary and that this, of course, only provides fodder for more of -- or the strengthening of -- the conspiracy theories within which the base has become immersed over the years. So what is really going on at the Edwards Air Force Base facility?

Express posted July 6 an exclusive interview with Andre Milne, the founder of defense technology firm Unicorn Aerospace, and delved into the legendary and mysterious Area 51, something Milne is familiar with as a defense contractor. He was quick to note that it was true that the secret military facility was a center of activity for what are known as "Black Projects" -- top secret military programs -- by conspiracy theorists.

"Area 51 is a very well-secured US Air Force base that is mandated to test and evaluate the performance of experimental and or classified US military aircraft."

Milne went on to say, "Area 51 is a highly-secured facility for the painfully obvious necessity to restrict any and or all witness observations of the classified aircraft and the advanced performance evaluations away from the multitude of individuals and governments that want nothing but to undermine US National Security."

Perusers and disseminators of conspiracy theories reading the aerospace exec's description of the base will be immediately skeptical of Milne's words, seeing them as typical governmental boilerplate, deflecting and misdirecting what really goes on at Area 51 by cloaking it in partial truths and garnishing anything said with the finality of a national security tag (sort of an implied "look no further" warning). One of the more common theories regarding the secret base is that, yes, it carries out secret and classified experiments on aircraft and equipment, but much of it is done through the process of the reverse engineering performed on captured or crashed alien spaceships that have been hidden inside the well-guarded facility since it became part of the Nellis Bombing Range Test Site. The Roswell Incident in 1947, where it was first reported that a UFO had crashed in New Mexico and subsequently denied by the military, is often used as a case where both craft and aliens were later said to be secreted away to Area 51 for further study, the military's protestations that the incident was nothing more than a downed weather balloon viewed as a cover-up.

Even after the Central Intelligence Agency released documents about old top secret programs that had been part of the facility's history and acknowledged the actual existence of Area 51 in July 2013, conspiracy theories regarding the military base saw no let-up. If anything, the acknowledgement only seemed to confirm what theorists had been claiming all along.

Interest in Area 51 will likely continue to gain momentum in the coming months, especially should former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Her interest in UFOs (not to mention her ties to UFO transparency advocates) and her promises to get to the truth of what the government actually knows concerning the subject are well known, but Andre Milne is quick to insist that even a President Hillary Clinton will run into problems should she attempt to be too transparent with regard to the top secret military base.

"Hillary Clinton is delusional if she thinks she can send one of John Podesta's (her campaign manager) fact-finding teams into Area 51, let alone ever effect full disclosure. Such areas and topics are kept secret for a variety of legitimate reasons."

So the upshot seems to be this: Area 51 has been and remains a top secret military base where classified projects run their courses. Is it, however, a government cache for aliens and UFOs, a facility where the projects are geared toward discovery and reverse engineering extraterrestrial spacecraft and devices? Not according to Milne.

"The whole alien question being run out of Area 51 is complete nonsense."

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