Remember Nakia Jones, Black Police Officer? Allegedly ‘Suspended’ — GoFundMe Deleted [Updated]

Nakia Jones, veteran policewoman with the Warrensville Heights Police Department, has allegedly been suspended from her officer position. And her GoFundMe page? Vanished.

As you know, Nakia Jones voiced her opinion about the Alton Sterling murder, as well as the officers who were involved.

Nakia spoke with complete passion and vigor as she pushed for understanding regarding the Sterling shooting.

Unfortunately, it might have cost Officer Nakia Jones her job.

In an interview with WKYC-3 News, Officer Jones explains her motive behind the video — as well as its aftermath.

You can watch Nakia Jones’ interview in the video below.

[Update – 7:15 pm EST]

According to Cleveland 19 News, Mayor Brad Sellers released an official statement regarding Officer Nakia Jones.

He mentioned that Nakia didn’t violate any social media policy that is currently in place with the police department.

As an assurance, the mayor expressed, specifically, that the rumors about Nakia Jones’ suspended status aren’t true.

According to the mayor, Officer Jones is on full duty, and she made no violations against the City of Warrenville Heights’ policies.

Yet, since Officer Nakia Jones released her video, the source says that the police department has received several threats from the Ku Klux Klan.

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However, in case you weren’t able to watch Officer Jones’ video, here’s the rundown.

As you can see, Nakia’s interview is approximately 14 minutes long. Also, in case that video source doesn’t work, here’s another via YouTube.

Well, at various moments during Jones’ explanations, she was asked about fellow police officers. To these questions, Nakia mostly had no permissible words to comment. That, in itself, should say a lot, right?

However, Officer Jones — though allegedly suspended — mentions that she has the support of “some” fellow comrades. Yet, concerning the others, she couldn’t mention their remarks or feelings.

Nakia Jones recalled several video comments, even those from people she has pulled over as well as arrested.

And they were positive reviews. From those persons, they mentioned that — although she had to do her job concerning the violations — “she was always fair.”

As the interview neared its end, one reporter asked a question that sent Nakia Jones into tears.

“Officer Jones, people want to know when are you going to get back out in the streets?”

Nakia answered by stating she didn’t know — and as she choked up — she mentioned that she couldn’t comment.

“What’s next for you?,” as the reporter dished out another emotionally filled question.

Nakia Jones answered as follows.

“…I’m just…[pauses, shruggingly]…go home and be with my family…

“…I just hope this makes a difference…”

So, although there has been no public announcement from the Warrensville Heights Police Department, it seems possible that Officer Nakia Jones has been suspended. Not confirmed but possible, especially considering the extensive lengths that the department is going through to avoid phone calls.

During the interview, Nakia noted that some of her closest friends aren’t black Americans. She’s of mixed ethnicity herself. So, she understands the dilemma from both sides.

Jones mentioned earlier within the interview that she never meant to get the media attention she’s gotten from her video.

In fact, Nakia elaborated that she thought only her friends would see the Facebook Live video.

Yet, even in her video, she maintained a position of compassion while stating a point that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton also recently mentioned, after the Philando Castile shooting.

The Inquisitr previously reported on that story as well.

A GoFundMe account was created for Officer Nakia Jones — similar to the type of supportive account which was created for Darren Wilson.

While Darren Wilson’s account remained active throughout its campaign, in less than an hour, Officer Nakia Jones’ GoFundMe account was removed without a trace.


The account was started by Celebrity Gossip personality Kissy Denise.

Nakia Jones' GoFundMe Account Deleted
Nakia Jones' GoFundMe account was created hours ago. But, it was deleted shortly thereafter. [Image via Facebook Screenshot]

Nevertheless, Officer Nakia Jones mentioned that people took certain statements completely out of context.

In her video, you can recall her expressing the lack of compassion that non-specific, “racist” officers project onto certain demographics.

Nakia Jones stated that, if a white officer knows that he’s racist or has certain biases against black Americans, he should not work in predominantly black communities.

Yet, also, she mentioned during her interview that the same applies for racist black American officers. If they have biases against whites, they shouldn’t work in predominantly white communities.

Officer Nakia Jones made these statements as a reference to the lack of compassion civilians experience from police officers with these particular biases.

In essence, Nakia furthermore mentioned that officers with no biases — like her — could work either fairly.

Regarding Officer Nakia Jones’ job status, the Warrensville Heights Police Department hasn’t made any public announcements pertaining to her possible suspended status.

One thing is for sure, Nakia Jones certainly can’t speak on particular topics regarding her position at the department, and she’s “off the streets” at the moment, according to the interview.

While “not all cops are bad” and “Blue Lives Matter,” there’s obviously a system of corrupt officers which doesn’t mind making the good ones look bad. Maybe this is why so few good cops speak up about police corruption?

What are your thoughts regarding Officer Nakia Jones, who’s been with Warrensville Heights Police Department since 2002? Feel free to share your comments below.

[Image via Nakia Jones Facebook]