Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Slammed For ‘Fake’ Romance: Staged For Music Video Or Prank?

Are Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston involved in a fake romance? That’s what some critics of the duo already nicknamed Hiddleswift are claiming with theories that the “showmance” is all being staged for an upcoming music video. Some Twitter users even thought that the supposedly fake affair was both for a music video and as a response to the media attention, noted the Huffington Post.

Swift moved quickly and publicly to Hiddleston after she and Calvin Harris broke up, and the publicity surrounding the new couple, as well as the speed, has caused the Internet to buzz with theories that it’s a sham.

“I really think the Taylor Swift /Tom Hiddleston thing could be a music video. In fact as a screw you to the media I hope it is,” wrote one theorist.

“Does anyone else think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are making an extended music video and fooling the world or is it just me???????” questioned another.

Is Tom Hiddleston part of an elaborate prank? Is Tom Hiddleston part of an elaborate prank? [Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]The lovebirds were even accused of staging an elaborate prank.

“Becoming increasingly convinced that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are pulling a Joaquin Phoenix I’m Still Here style prank on us,” tweeted a commentator.

Such accusations aren’t new to Taylor, although the current brouhaha takes the backlash over her relationships to a new level. But in the past, the singer has faced claims that she exploits her romances in order to craft songs and make money, with examples including Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift is facing a backlash for her new romance. Taylor Swift is facing a backlash for her new romance. [Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File]Fighting those previous accusations, Swift blamed the media for creating fiction about her.

“It was so overwhelmingly inaccurate that I knew there was nothing I could do to fight. When the media decides that they don’t like you, there’s nothing you can do that doesn’t seem desperate and irritating to everyone when you try to defend yourself.”

But now it’s the fans who are turning to Twitter to offer up theories that Taylor and Tom are faking their relationship.


Hollywood Life reports that some fans also are speculating that Swift could be aiming for an album like Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Taylor has a history of releasing albums every two years, with her 1989 two-year anniversary set to roll around in October. But Swift isn’t the only one in the relationship accused of seeking publicity for profit rather than to show off a romance.

With the Emmy Awards scheduled for September, Tom has a chance of getting an Emmy nod for The Night Manager. The increase in fame that Hiddleston has gotten from his new romance supposedly also could give him a boost in his odds for winning.

Even if it’s not faked for publicity and/or performance art, the way that Swift and Tom are showing off their love has some proclaiming it makes them nauseated. Recently, Hiddleston flaunted his affection by wearing a top with the slogan “I (heart) T.S.” and a heart shape on his arm with “T,” pointed out the Telegraph.

Twitter users ridiculed the sight.


“taylor swift and tom hiddleston make me wanna throw up,” proclaimed one Twitter user in response.

“The whole Tom/Taylor thing was cute until he wore the t-shirt,” proclaimed another.

There were those who felt embarrassed for the couple.


Buzz Feed even produced evidence to support the theory that Taylor and Tom were faking their romance in order to create a music video.

In their travels around the globe, Swift and Hiddleston have had their romance documented by a faithful paparazzi agency. Buzzfeed theorizes that they might have selected and hired that company to track their voyage. Building on the theory, one angle proposes that the photographers are in disguise, using their phones in order to capture the romantic images.

What do you think? Is the romance a fake or for real? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File]