One Direction: Walton ‘Hiatus Over’ Claim Is A Lie: Fans Are Subject Of A Cruel Hoax

What a strange world fans of hit-makers One Direction live in. For many months now, One Direction fans have been bombarded with news stories claiming that One Direction are history. Many fans were devastated when Zayn Malik packed his bags and flew home from One Direction last tour. Just days later, Malik announced that his time with One Direction was at an end, and he quit the band for good. As the tour continued, rumors swept the media and social media sites claiming that the world’s favorite boy-band were coming to an end.

In August of last, year One Direction announced that they were to take an extended hiatus to recover from five years of constant touring and to pursue solo projects. Just as fans were getting used to the idea of spending the next couple of years without One Direction, they suffered a huge blow. U.K tabloid The Sun ran an article claiming that things were far from good within the One Direction camp.

It was claimed that One Direction bandmates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were on such bad terms that they barely spoke to each other and even travelled on separate flights to avoid each others company. The claim was that tension, bitterness, jealousy, and infighting were part and parcel of life within One Direction.

The British tabloid has been a key player in spreading stories that One Direction are finished for good, and they repeated the claims of a poor relationship between Harry and Louis back in May of this year. It is fair to say that many One Direction fans do not believe a word that is printed about the band. They point to close relationships between One Direction’s management and a number of media groups, including Sun.

One Direction fans have become used to scare stories, rumors and bad-mouthing of the band so they tend to be sceptical of everything written about them. Many even question messages that come from One Direction social media accounts, claiming that the accounts are largely controlled by One Direction’s management team. Perhaps fans are right to doubt everything they are told unless it comes directly from the mouth of a member of the band.

The simple fact is that Niall Horan and Liam Payne have reassured One Direction fans on a number of occasions that they will return during 2017.

Over the past couple of days there has been something of a furore on social media after a virtually unknown comedian claimed that One Direction’s hiatus is over. According to Capital FM comedian Dan Walton was at the filming for a new season of A League Of Their Own. The event was also attended by Niall Horan and a number of celebrities known to be close to One Direction. Walton went on to claim that One Direction would release a new album in the spring of next year and tour again in the winter.

Sadly, it seems that Walton has been carrying out a sick experiment to see how quickly messages spread on social media. The first clue as to Walton’s intent was revealed when Niall Horan replied to his message asking who he was.

Earlier this morning, Walton admitted that his claims were false when he informed One Direction fans that they had been part of a social experiment.

As you can probably imagine One Direction fans were not amused at the so-called comedian’s joke at their expense. Unreality TV questioned the veracity of Walton’s claims saying that if his comments were a hoax it was “cruel and unnecessary” treatment of One Direction fans.

This is far from the first time that someone has used One Direction and their fans as a way to boost their own profile. You can be sure that some One Direction fans will be furious that they have been duped by Walton, but it is easy to understand why fans should be angry. Why do some so-called celebrities think that the loyalty of One Direction fans is something to be sneered at or sported with.

Walton’s behavior will outrage many One Direction fans, who are desperate for real news about the band they love.

Are you a One Direction fan who was taken in by Walton? Let us know in the comments below what you think about his behavior.

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