'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Bridgette Dunning Takes HOH Room, 'BB18' House Scrambles [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers have come out from early Friday morning (July 8). The BB18 house has a new Head of Household in charge, and she is already making some interesting moves in the game. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bridgette Dunning is the new HOH. She won the title during the July 7 episode on CBS. Bridgette is already preparing for her nominations to be revealed, possibly surprising live feed viewers with the decision to sleep in the same bed as Frank Eudy for the night. Is a possible showmance forming?

Due to Bridgette winning the HOH competition, Frank, Michelle Meyer, and Paulie Calafiore are also safe. This is good news for Frank, as most of the BB18 house is now conspiring against him. Many of the women are fed up with his behavior, including Da'Vonne Rogers and Zakiyah Everette, who are tired of him slapping them on the butt. Fan site Joker's Updates relayed a lot of conversations that took place on the live feeds early Friday morning, and most of them involved how "disgusted" houseguests were with Frank Eudy.

Previous Big Brother 18 spoilers underscored that Frank could be the next target for eviction, but many houseguests are now scrambling after he gained safety (again). Paul Abrahamian has been putting up Tiffany Rousso as a possible target, and it is something that both Frank and James Huling seem content with. A backup plan was even put in place to go after Corey Brooks if Tiffany found a way to win the Veto and save herself. It's important to point out that Bridgette Dunning wasn't part of any of these conversations.Paulie Calafiore suggested to Bridgette that she should target Bronte D'Acquisto for eviction, but this was information that Bridgette would later share with Bronte. Bridgette is already in a three-person alliance with Bronte and Natalie Negrotti, so it seems very unlikely that Bronte will end up being one of her two nominations. It's always possible that the winner of the Roadkill competition could target Bronte, though, especially if it takes the heat off of a member of the Eight Pack alliance.

As the new HOH of the BB18 house, Bridgette Dunning is going to have to work very carefully this week. Bridgette has an important decision to make when it comes to the Week 3 nominations. Her nominations will get revealed at some point on Friday, July 8, leading to a new round of Big Brother 18 spoilers for fans of the show. Frank Eudy, Paulie Calafiore, and Michelle Meyer are the only three houseguests guaranteed safety at this point.

The group of people who could become Week 3 nominees includes James Huling, Bronte D'Acquisto, Natalie Negrotti, Da'Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, Tiffany Rousso, and Corey Brooks. At least three of them will end up on the block this week, but Frank already has the ear of Bridgette. If he gets his way, Tiffany is going to find herself on the block once again. As for who the other nominee could end up being, it shouldn't surprise fans if James or Natalie found themselves next to Tiffany.

The Have Nots for the week have already been decided as well, with Nicole Franzel, Tiffany Rousso, and Corey Brooks relegated to the carnival room. They will be on slop for the week as well, possibly making this a very tough week for Tiffany to deal with. Will the next round of Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Tiffany is the eviction target of Bridgette Dunning? Or will she figure out the alliances in the BB18 house and nominate two people who won't help her personal game succeed?

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