Watch Dallas Police Shooting Coverage Live Online: See Video As Snipers Open Fire On Police, Follow Live Streaming Coverage Of The Shootings

Viewers can follow live streaming coverage of the Dallas police shootings, where two snipers reportedly opened fire at a protest against recent police killings and killed a number of officers.

The incidents took place Thursday night amid a large protest against police killings across the nation. While details of the Dallas shootings are still coming in, initial reports indicate that at least 10 officers were shot and at least three were dead. CNN reported that “multiple” officers had been killed, but did not give a number.

The officers were reportedly members of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority and the Dallas Police Department.

Those who want to watch live video coverage of the Dallas shootings can follow along at the embedded video below.

The shootings in Dallas took place in the wake of two controversial shootings this week. The first came in Baton Rouge, where police shot and killed Alton Sterling, a black man who had been selling CDs in a convenience store parking lot. Video showed two officers pinning Sterling to the ground before yelling that he had a weapon. The two then opened fire, striking and killing Sterling.

As video of the Sterling killing was stoking controversy, another shooting took place in the St. Paul, Minnesota, suburb of Falcon Heights. An officer shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop, and Castile’s girlfriend filmed the bloody aftermath as a mortally wounded Castile slumped back in the driver’s seat while the frantic officer yelled from outside the window.

Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, claimed in the now viral video that Castile had been complying with demands and was reaching for his driver’s license when he was shot.

Those who watch coverage of the Dallas shootings live online will see a chaotic scene as police are scrambling to find the perpetrators. As of late Thursday there were reportedly no suspects in custody, with details about the shooting still emerging.

Live news reports claimed that the demonstrations had been largely peaceful, and video showed scores of people marching in the streets to protest the recent shootings when the shots began ringing out. The video of the shootings showed officers with guns raised looking upward, suggesting that the shooters may have been inside or on the buildings.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown later released a statement that the shooters were in “elevated positions.”

Brown said in a statement late Thursday that the suspects had reportedly threatened to plant a bomb in downtown Dallas, prompting authorities to sweep the area and work with the FBI to search for the potential explosive.

Brown cut his remarks short, noting that at least one of the suspects had been “cornered.”

Authorities shared a picture of one of the two suspects, a black man who was reportedly carrying a long gun at the rally. A report from CBS News noted that many of the protesters carried guns, taking advantage of the open carry laws in Texas.

Many people from the scene of the Dallas protest shared video of the shootings, including one very graphic video that appeared to show a man with a long gun cornering a police officer and opening fire, appearing to kill the officer. Be warned that the video below is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Another two-minute video clip posted to Twitter that showed officers ducking for cover behind their cruisers and exchanging gunfire with the shooters.

Other video showed a frantic scene, with emergency personnel scrambling while sirens blared.

Some of the video from the Dallas shooting had already garnered tens of millions of views within hours of being uploaded on Thursday night, with interest high across the country.

More live coverage and video of the Dallas police shootings can be found at the WatchCNN site or CBS News.

[Photo by LM Otero/AP Images]