'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: New Head Of Household Is Crowned, Nicole Talks About Her Break-up With Hayden, And A New Target Is Determined [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers are rolling in, and it looks like it will be an exciting week ahead. Bridgette Dunning was crowned the new Head of Household for the week -- which meant Franky Edy, Michelle Meyer, and Paulie Calafiore are all safe from being nominated this week. Nicole Franzel talks about her break up with Big Brother 16, Hayden Voss. Bridgette and Frank talk about who to put up on the block, and they decide that Tiffany Rousso is definitely the target this week.

Online Big Brother explained that Bridgette won the coveted Head of Household, and gets the treat of nominating two people for eviction tomorrow As of now, it looks like she will put Tiffany Rousso up as her primary target. The other nominee could be Corey, Nicole, or Paul. Franzel was visibly upset thinking about the possibility of going home t next week, and Frank assured her she would not be a target this week, no matter what. Even so, there's quite a bit of paranoia running through the Big Brother house this evening.

Nicole talks about her break up with Hayden. She explained that he changed and even though they dated for a year, she felt like she never knew him. She said there was a difference in priorities between them, and it resulted in a massive fight and break-up. Apparently, Nicole wanted a baby, and he wasn't ready yet. They broke off their relationship, and within a month Hayden had moved on. Nicole said that he is now engaged, and they will get married soon. She insisted they are still "close friends," but the breakup has been tough for her to move on.
Big Brother Network reports that Frank said that Tiffany would be the target this week. In order to cover his tracks, Frank explained that he plans to try to comfort Tiffany about being places on the block. Frank explains that he has "heard" that Tiffany was gunning for him, and that can't happen. What Frank seems to be blinded to is that the whole house wanted him gone this week -- including the vets. Frank falsely believes that the vets would never vote to evict him because of the pact they made to each other on Day One.

It looks like the weekly target will be Tiffany and Paul. Bridgette wants to put Paul on the block because she doesn't connect with him. The vets, Da'Vonne, James, and Nicole, are worried they could be nominated this week. Little do they know, Frank has their back behind the scenes. He just wants to make sure his target, Tiffany is sent out of the Big Brother house this next week. In Frank's mind, the only way this Head of Household isn't "wasted" is if Tiffany leaves.

Of course, there is the Big Brother 18 RoadKill challenge that could throw a wrench into the plans for the next eviction. It is possible that Rousso could win the competition and nominate Nicole or James in secret. Frank has already stated that, if he sees James on the block, he will have to vote him out, because otherwise, he will skate through to the final three. When you think about it, Frank has a point. And if Frank ends up on the block at any point, they all had better vote him out while they can.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think Bridgette will nominate for eviction? Are you surprised by Nicole's explanation of her break-up with Hayden?Who will win the RoadKill challenge tomorrow? Stick with The Inquisitr for more Big Brother spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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