‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: July 7 Episode Evicts Third Contestant, ‘BB18’ House Competes For New HOH [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 recap of the July 7 episode may hold some spoilers for CBS viewers. The BB18 house has been going through a tumultuous week, where alliances were strained, veterans started to question each other, and the main eviction target remained in the dark about his fate. The July 7 episode began with producers rehashing how the competitions progressed, leading to the three people sitting on the couch awaiting the eviction vote.

Victor Arroyo, Tiffany Rousso, and Bronte D’Acquisto were the three houseguests at risk of being evicted during the July 7 episode. HOH Paulie Calafiore nominated Paul Abrahamian and Bronte for eviction, but when Paulie won the Veto competition, he replaced Paul with Victor on the block. Victor won the Roadkill competition for the week and nominated Tiffany as his target. Victor had hoped that the BB18 house would vote her out and save Paul from the block.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there wasn’t a lot of debate in the house about what would take place Thursday night at the eviction ceremony, but rather who would become the next main target in the BB18 house. Past Big Brother 18 spoilers pointed to Paul Abrahamian being the target immediately after Victor Arroyo, but that may have shifted due to the rampant paranoia this season. That’s typically how it goes on this reality competition show.

Moving on with the July 7 Big Brother 18 recap, the eviction voting began about halfway through the episode. As usual, the producers split up the voters to make it seem more dramatic in the opening moments. After Natalie Negrotti voted to evict Victor, Paul Abrahamian voted to evict Bronte. Gasp! The vote was now tied 1-1. Could a shocking vote result be coming? It became the perfect time for a commercial break announced by host Julie Chen. Social media never reacts kindly to when this takes place, but it is something nearly every game show does as well.

Upon returning from commercial, Victor Arroyo was evicted by a vote of 9-1. The eviction was as one-sided as predicted, confirming everything that had appeared in BB18 spoilers and rumors over the past week. That certainly won’t serve as the most important part of this July 7 Big Brother 18 recap, though, because the latest HOH competition was what viewers and live feed addicts have been waiting to watch.

Julie Chen spoke with Victor a bit after he was evicted, giving him the great news that he could soon have a chance to get back in the game. Then it was time for the new Head of Household to be crowned in the backyard. The teams were each competing together, with the order selected earlier in the day inside the BB18 house.

In the first round, Bronte D’Acquisto was eliminated from the HOH competition. Then, in order, Michelle Meyer, Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling were all eliminated. Frank Eudy was out next, followed by Corey Brooks and Zakiyah Everette getting knocked out. That left just four people competing for HOH. Tiffany Rousso, Natalie Negratti, and Paul Abrahamian were the final three to be eliminated. That left Bridgette Dunning as the new BB18 HOH.

This Big Brother 18 recap from the July 7 episode comes to a close with a note that the next episode airs on CBS this Sunday, July 10, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. The episode will cover who the latest HOH has nominated for eviction as well as the winner of the third Roadkill competition.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]