Republicans Step Up Attacks Around State Department To Put Hillary Clinton Behind Bars

The Associated Press is reporting that the State Department is reopening their internal investigation into Hillary Clinton and her top aides’ possible mishandling of classified information, as they had apparently suspended their review in April, in order to not interfere with the FBI’s investigation.

On Thursday, the Inquisitr reported on a hearing with the FBI Director James Comey before a Republican-led committee, who said that they would not be filing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

The State Department’s spokesman John Kirby said that there was no set deadline for the completion of their investigation.

The top aides they would be investigating are those who served under her when she was secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton's aides while she was Secretary of State, will be targeted by Republican led investigation into her private email server.

Kirby suggests that Clinton could face “administrative sanctions” which would mean a loss of security clearances, which the article says could complicate her process in naming a national security team should she become president.

In a move that appears to be in league with the idea of losing those security clearances, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn introduced a bill to revoke her security clearance, motivated by FBI Director James Comey’s description of Hillary Clinton’s actions while she was secretary of State where he said she acted carelessly with classified information.

“It’s really important that we send a firm message. I think that should mean at minimum that they forfeit the privilege of having a security clearance.”

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Rep. Mike Turner, who is a Republican from Ohio, called for an independent investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of email when she was secretary of State.

FBI Director James Comey targeted by Republicans for not charging their worst enemy, Hillary Clinton.

House Republicans immediately called for a hearing where they would grill FBI Director James Comey over why he didn’t charge Clinton.

“The investigation by the FBI is steeped in political bias, especially considering that former president Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch just days before the FBI announced its decision. The role of the independent counsel is to keep investigations honest and prosecutorial decisions independent of the political, personal and financial conflicts of interest that undermine accountability in government. It is time for Secretary Clinton to be held accountable for her extremely careless actions.”

The report also says that Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) also requested the same.

On Wednesday The Hill reported that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell demanded that the FBI release the 3.5-hour interview they had with Hillary Clinton, so that the public could see it.

For many years since Republicans began to go after Hillary Clinton for the deaths of two American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, it was discovered that she had been using a private email server, which at this point has been thoroughly investigated by favorable and what was largely considered non-partisan investigative departments such as the Department of Justice and the FBI.

But now Republicans feel they have a reason to no longer trust the justice system and are quickly falling in line to continue their investigation on their own terms.

It is in this case that they too might be reluctant to trust the State Department’s investigation, since those heading the department have also worked closely with Clinton when she was the secretary of State, before she resigned in 2013.

In an election year, the battles between both parties in the House and Senate have been ongoing. Democrats have recently filibustered for gun control after another mass shootings in Orlando. Cases going to the Supreme Court, which has been reduced to eight justices since Antonin Scalia’s death early this year, has made the difference in cases dealing with abortion and immigration issues, which rely on partisan politics in order for one side to come out on top.

In President Obama’s final year, the next president is seen by both sides as either “destroying” America or saving it. And with five months left before electing the next president, the battles are only going to reach a fevered pitch.

[Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo]