American Airlines Get iPads For Pilots

If you fly with American Airlines you should expect to see a few more Apple products during your travels. The company recently started using iPads to check luggage and now AA is giving iPads to all of its pilots.

According to PC Mag, the program will start later this month with the commercial 777 fleet. The airline expects to get iPads to all of its pilots by the end of the year.

Maya Leibman, American’s Chief Information Officer, said:

“We’re focused on building a new American where technology and innovation are fundamental to the company’s return to industry leadership and exceptional customer service. The Electronic Flight Bag program is just one more example of the progress we’re making to provide the tools our employees need to deliver operational improvements and leading customer experience.”

Apple Insider reports that the iPad will replace all training manuals and reference materials carried in a pilot’s carry-on kitbag. The pilots will get to carry around lighter bags and the airline estimates that it will save $1.2 million every year by using electronic manuals instead of paper.

The iPad is currently the only tablet approved by the FAA as an Electronic Flight Bag

John Hale, American Airlines vice president, said:

“This is a very exciting and important milestone for all of us at American Airlines as we work to modernize our processes and best meet the needs of our people. With this approval from the FAA, we will be able to use iPad to fully realize the benefits of our Electronic Flight Bag program, including improving the work environment for our pilots, reducing our dependency on paper products and increasing fuel efficiency on our planes. We are equipping our people with the best resources and this will allow our pilots to fly more efficiently.”

What do you think of the Pilot’s Electronic Flight Bag?