Pubic Hair Dress: Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, Asks For Sperm On Twitter For Next Project

It’s hard not to be fascinated by Sarah Louise Bryan and her dress made of pubic hair. It’s like watching a car crash that you can’t look away from, all the while being a bit grossed out by the whole idea of a dress made of pubic hair. Sarah Louise is a mother of two who was in a bad way when Bryan couldn’t make her rent payment and was forced to leave her home.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Sarah Louise first made a dress completely comprised of Skittles. That Skittles dress went viral and earned Bryan a deal with a clothing company that gave Sarah Louise her own line. Now Bryan has parlayed her creative skills to create a dress a lot less appetizing than a bunch of Skittles. Sarah Louise has gone viral for what many feel is a “gross out” dress made of pubic hair.

Such a dress brings to mind concerns of cleanliness and other health concerns that could come along with strangers sending their pubic hair to Bryan. However, Sarah Louise has something else even grosser in mind when it comes to her next project: sperm!

dress of skittles

But back to the pubic hair dress. Sarah Louise created a top and skirt made of pubic hair that Bryan is hoping to sell for about $13,000 USD.

Sarah’s weird pubic hair dress, as reported by the Mirror, came about because Bryan wanted to “kick Lady Gaga off her throne” that became her fashion pedestal when the superstar wore her famous dress made of meat back in 2010. Instead of showing up to an awards show in a designer gown made of silk or crystals, Lady Gaga chose meat to make her memorable fashion statement.

Back on Sunday, September 12, 2010, as seen in the below photo, Lady Gaga shocked viewers at the MTV Video Music Awards when the celebrity showed up wearing her infamous dress made of meat. Gaga was accepting her award for video of the year for “Bad Romance” in Los Angeles.

Meat dress

Sarah said she wouldn’t mind Lady Gaga shelling out big bucks for Bryan’s pubic hair dress that took her nearly half a year to create. The pubic hair project was a dangerous creation that caused Bryan to get glue in her eye.

“I would absolutely love to sell this outfit to Lady Gaga. It took about six months to make it and I worked from home. The base is made from a thin, steel material and it all folds up. I then stuck the hair on with a hot glue. It was absolutely awful working with that material. I put a ground sheet on the floor and sterilized the hair with a fluid then had to put it in really hot water to kill the bacteria – I didn’t want to get crabs!

“The hair got everywhere at first and I actually questioned what I was doing – it was that disgusting. But then I bought an eye and face mask and it got a bit better. I wanted to make a bigger top but I ran out of hair donations. I actually had a bad accident at one point when I flicked some glue from the glue gun straight into my eye.”

Now Sarah Louise has moved on from the Skittles dress that took her six hours per day for about 30 days to create. The Sarah Louise Bryan range of handbags followed, along with Sarah’s dress of 3,000 poppies. Next, Bryan created the pubic hair dress and is now reaching out on Twitter for sperm donations for her next project.

“I appealed for sperm donations on Twitter for my next outfit. I’ve had over 300 responses so far!”

[Image via Twitter/Sarah Louise Bryan]