Lip-Contouring Trend: Make Lips Bigger With 2 Or 3 Liner Shades, No Injections Or Fillers [Video]

As beauty trends go, contouring one’s face with severe shading became popular when Kim Kardashian popularized the trend. That type of contouring gave way to highlighting the face in a more natural way. Now lip-contouring seems to have taken over the face-contouring trend. According to Byrdie, women are now making their lips look bigger by using more than one shade of lip liner to trick people into thinking they have a plumper pout.

Indeed, while the trend of plumping up the lips with fillers like Juvederm rolls on, those who can’t afford to get the lip injections — or may already have lip injections and want to make their lips even more pronounced — are turning to lip-contouring to get the job done.

kylie jenner lips

Kylie Jenner famously admitted to getting lip injections, after first claiming that her bigger lips were the result of using more than one lip pencil. Jenner parlayed all that attention on her lips into a successful — and controversial — lip kit selling business. Those who don’t have the resources that Kylie has can turn to social media to learn how to jump on the trend of using multiple lip liners to contour the lips and make them appear bigger.

On Instagram, the #lipcontour hashtag has more than 8,800 posts, with videos like the one below showing how to DIY your own lips.

That particular video appeared to show the lips being prepped with a primer before the lip liner is used to draw lines on the lips in the way that cosmetic surgeons draw lines with markers on their patients’ bodies prior to surgery.

Lip-contouring is a method of dressing up the lips that makeup artists fall in love with because of how plump and full the process can make the lips appear. Lip-contouring can be done with either lip liner or lipstick, but lip liner is preferred.

After lining the lips and filling them in with a lighter shade, the darker lip pencil can contour the corners of the lips and be blended inward, like an artist blending both light and dark colors together. The middle of the lips can be filled in with a lighter shade to add extra fullness to the lips.

As seen in the top photo above, a French supporter chose the colors of France’s flag to paint her lips and show her allegiance to the French during the Euro 2016 Group A soccer match between France and Romania.


The hashtag #lipcontouring has nearly 1,500 posts as of this writing on Instagram, with some of those photos and videos found under that label showing viewers exactly where to place the lighter lip pencil colors and where to place the darker colors.

As noted in some of those images, concealer is sometimes used around the lips.

The below lip-contouring video is getting plenty of attention online, especially because of the unique lip brush used.

There are even lip-contouring kits at Sephora, which have gotten mixed reviews from customers thus far. Other people on social media sites are hawking a so-called lip-contouring gloss that claims to stimulate the collagen within lips and make them fuller after a period of time. Unlike the lip glosses that use peppers or other ingredients to irritate the lips in order to make them swell, the lip-contouring gloss sellers claim their products won’t burn the lips.

Some reactions to the lip-contouring trend from social media can be read below.


“What was the point of the lip liner and trying to blend the color when the lipstick was darker and she went right over it?”

“I loooovvee it!”

“Tip: exfoliate & condition lips first.”

[Photo by Frank Augstein/AP Images]