July 7, 2016
Kelly Dodd: Husband Of 'RHOC' Star Accused Her Of Ditching Daughter To Party

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, the newest housewife, Kelly Dodd, shared that she filed for a divorce from husband Michael back in 2012. They had been married for six years at the time. The divorce never went through because Michael wouldn't agree to it. Now Radar Online has obtained divorce records of Kelly Dodd and her husband, and it includes some shocking accusations about Kelly's behavior.

Kelly and Michael have one child together, Jolie. She was 5 years old when Kelly filed for divorce. Kelly asked for joint legal custody and primary physical custody of Jolie, stating that Michael is out of town a lot for business reasons. He responded with a request that he and Kelly share joint legal custody and joint physical custody, stating that he has always been very involved in Jolie's life and comes to Orange County to see her every chance he gets. Then he made this accusation.

"Since moving to Orange County, Petitioner has had the tendency to leave our daughter with Petitioner's mother or with babysitters in order to allow her plenty of opportunities to go out on dates, to bars, or have girls nights with her friends."

Kelly Dodd fired back with an accusation that Michael had stolen two watches from her dresser while visiting Jolie on one occasion. She added, however, that he did return them.

Kelly may be a new addition to RHOC, but she is quickly developing a reputation, and it's not a good one. When she first told the other housewives about her effort to divorce her husband, she explained that when they were dating he was wonderful, but once they married, Kelly Dodd claims that he became controlling. She went on to explain that she even had a psychological test done on Michael as part of their divorce proceedings. Kelly said that it indicated he is a narcissist, but that she wasn't able to use that in her divorce case. She said that Michael "wouldn't let" her divorce him, and after two years Dodd said she stopped trying.

"It made me realize it was easier being with him and having my family together than being divorced. We don't have a perfect marriage at all, but I'm going to suck it up like my parents did."
Over the last few days, more information about Kelly Dodd's history has been reported. Among discoveries about her past is another event associated with her tumultuous marriage. Radar Online obtained records that indicate that in 2014, Kelly Dodd's husband filed a restraining order against her after an argument. Here's what he alleged.
"Kelly Denise Dodd did willfully and unlawfully inflict corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon [Michael Dodd], who was the spouse of the defendant."

The restraining order against Kelly Dodd was terminated in 2015, and the case against her was dropped after she attended 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and completed a year of therapy.

This was not the first time that a restraining order has been taken out against Kelly as the result of her behavior in a romantic relationship. In January 2014, Dana Caldwell, the estranged wife of former boyfriend Jeffrey Caldwell, took a restraining order out against Dodd. In the order, Kelly was asked to stay 100 feet away from both Dana and her son Jake, because, the woman alleged, Dodd had threatened them both. In court documents, Dana said this about Kelly.

"Within the last two years, Kelly Dodd on numerous occasions has sent emails and texts to me, which are derogatory in nature, inflammatory and harassing. She attempts to conceal her identity by sending such text messages from the phone of Jeff. She has also sent inappropriate messages from his iPad concealing that it is her."
The texts and emails in question were filled with profanity and vulgar language. Dana also accused Kelly Dodd of physical violence against Jeffrey. Dana Caldwell's case against Dodd was dismissed in February 2014.

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]