World’s ‘Oldest’ Man Dies At 122, Credits Longevity To Living Women-, Alcohol-, And Tobacco-Free [Video]

A Russian who claimed to be the world’s oldest man recently died at the ripe old alleged age of 122. Magomed Labazanov said he was born before the last tsar Nicholas the Second took the throne in 1890. Labazanov was married twice and said he divorced his first wife because she failed to give him any children. At the time of his death, the Russian man’s brood included 18 grandchildren and 20 great-great-grandsons, according to the Daily Mail.

The elderly Southern Russian resident claimed that abstaining from booze, tobacco, and women allowed him to enjoy such a long existence. He was a former sawmill worker and illiterate. The centenarian’s typical diet consisted of dairy products, fruits, corn, vegetables, whey, and wild garlic.

On what was reported to be Labazanov’s 118th birthday, he celebrated by dancing the traditional Caucasus fold dance, the Lezginka. Due to the lack of a formal birth certificate, his relatives were unable to get their loved one named as the world’s oldest man in the Guinness Book of World Records. During his early years, the Soviet Union was often in a state of chaos, and many old mosque and church records were destroyed, the Herald Sun reports.

The senior citizen lived in the Muslim village of Dagestan in southern region of the country. The area is renowned for generating folks who survive an extreme number of years. His family was uprooted by Stalin during World War II and deported to Central Asia. The Dagestan resident would have been 27-years-old when Stalin came to power in the USSR. The centenarian outlived all but one of his four sons.