James Bond: Goodbye, Daniel Craig And Tom Hiddleston, Hello, James Norton And Aidan Turner?

Plutarc Sicat

James Bond the movie franchise is getting close to the selection process after Daniel Craig, the current 007 player, bowed out of the role, according to Daily Mail.

"The name is not Bond," says the source, after Craig reportedly signed up for the American TV series Purity, which is slated for 20 episodes per season.The Bond franchise is definitely the longest movie franchise in history as it has been running for over 50 years with a record output of 25 James Bond films as shown below.

The source elaborates as follows.

"Last we heard, Tom Hiddleston was still the favorite, but while he's been off gallivanting with Taylor Swift, it seems that James Norton, from Rush and the TV mini-series War and Peace, has become the new frontrunner to be the next 007!"

"He's educated. Before he turned his hand to acting, James went to Cambridge where he read Theology. He graduated in 2007 with First Class Honours."

"He's already mastered his brooding and moody look," the source continues. Here are a few more qualifications, according to the same source.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]