WWE News: Chris Jericho Says Roman Reigns Needed WWE To Mention Suspension

In a move that surprised a lot of people, the week after the WWE announced a Roman Reigns suspension for failing a drug test, Seth Rollins came to the ring and told everyone in the audience that Reigns had been suspended and didn’t deserve to be in the WWE world title match at WWE Battleground. Now, the WWE didn’t hide the suspension, plastering it on their website the day it happened, but to tell all the fans on TV that Roman was suspended was surprising since the WWE is pushing Reigns as a major face.

According to 411mania, WWE superstar Chris Jericho said that was necessary for the WWE to do since they needed to get a jump on the entire Roman Reigns situation. Jericho pointed out that Seth Rollins mentioning the Reigns suspension disarmed the people who were ready to jump on Roman about it. Jericho said that Rollins mentioning the suspension over and over makes it old news now and takes away ammunition from people who want to harp on Reigns.

The Roman Reigns suspension is not without controversy. The WWE apparently didn’t want to suspend Roman for the failed drug test but ended up doing the right thing. However, it was still controversial because The Inquisitr previously reported that the WWE knew before Money in the Bank that Roman had failed the drug test.

However, the WWE chose not to implement the Roman Reigns suspension immediately, and instead, waited until two days later to suspend Roman. That meant that Reigns was able to not only lose his title at Money in the Bank but wrestle again on WWE Monday Night Raw, which set him up to take part in the main event at Battleground, where The Shield will take part in their first ever triple threat match between the three former members.

That means that the WWE allowed the Roman Reigns suspension to not start until after they set him up to be in the main event at Battleground and then made sure that it ended before Battleground, so he could continue to be in the world title scene. Roman will miss out on being there for the draft and brand split, but they don’t need him on hand now that they have announced his suspension on television.

It is almost like the WWE has turned the Roman Reigns suspension into part of the storyline, instead of a real-life mistake by the big man. While that really makes the WWE and Reigns look bad, a lot of superstars have stepped up and spoken well of Reigns in this situation. Wrestle Zone reported that Stone Cold Steve Austin was impressed with Reigns “owning it” when it comes to taking responsibility for his failed drug test.

As Chris Jericho said, the Roman Reigns suspension will be over within two weeks, and then he will be back in the WWE ring. WWE fans can continue to give Roman a hard time about it, but the fact is that everyone from Randy Orton to Rey Mysterio has been suspended for wellness violations and continued to perform successfully in the WWE. This suspension won’t hurt the Reigns push at all.

As a matter of fact, PW Torch reported that Vince McMahon plans to build a redemption story following the Roman Reigns suspension, where Roman has to work his way back from the bottom after losing it all due to his own mistakes. There is the thought that the Roman Reigns suspension will make him more likable and allow him to prove that he is willing to work hard to show the fans that he deserves another chance. Whether that work or not, only time will tell.

[Image via WWE]