July 7, 2016
Hailey Baldwin Takes On Twitter Haters, Hangs In Miami

Hailey Baldwin doesn't have time for haters.

As she and her girlfriends enjoy a vacation in Miami, Florida, where her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was recently seen with Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin took to Twitter, where she fought back against her online critics.

"I really don't understand why people constantly try to make me feel like I'm doing wrong when I'm trying my best day to day," Hailey Baldwin wrote on Twitter on July 6.

Then, the following day, she added, "We live in a vile society these days and people are so filled with darkness. We're living in scary times."

Hailey Baldwin has been in Miami for the past several days, and throughout her visit to the east coast, she has shared several photos of herself and friends enjoying the warm weather. In addition to a yacht outing earlier this week, during which the 19-year-old model wore a "Just Married" swimsuit, Hailey Baldwin and her friends have been seen on the beach and in a condo.

Prior to her trip to Miami, Hailey Baldwin appeared to be enjoying a romance with rapper Drake, but after the couple went out together a number of times in Los Angeles, they seemed to go their separate ways. Although People Magazine claimed the alleged couple was dating "super casually" just weeks ago, there seemed to be more to the story when the pair stepped out in Los Angeles at the end of May.

"Drake and [Hailey Baldwin] were most certainly on a date Tuesday night. They started the night at Ysabel restaurant on Fairfax and they finished the night back at his place!" a source told Hollywood Life at the beginning of June. "After dinner, they went to Nice Guy for a bit before going back to his place. He was a gentleman the whole time, opening doors for Hailey and things like that."

"[Hailey] looked really hot [and was] putting out the vibes like she wanted to look good for him — and it was working," the source continued. "The pair looked like they had good chemistry together and were into each other. Drake was for sure feeling her. They have been spending more time together recently and it is more than a casual friendship."

While Hailey Baldwin and Drake may have appeared cozy during their reported date night, another report claimed she was simply not interested in dating Drake because her heart was already taken by Bieber, who went public with a relationship with Nicola Peltz just weeks after their latest outing in early May.

"Nothing is going on romantically" between Hailey Baldwin and Drake, a source told E! News, confirming that the model was "still very much in love with" Justin Bieber.

Unfortunately for Hailey Baldwin, Bieber is currently on tour and appears to be enjoying his time with numerous women, the latest of whom has been deemed a Selena Gomez look-a-like.

"[Hailey Baldwin] always has been such a good friend to him and she feels disrespected by many things he has done lately. She was very upset about the date that he just went on with Nicola," another source added. "Hailey wants to be with Justin but he is just always back and forth with her and that drives her mad."

Hailey Baldwin has been private about her relationships in the past and continues to keep things between her and her flames as time continues.

[Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images]