Lady Gaga About To Drop New Music? Producer RedOne Reveals Big LG5 Details

It sounds like Lady Gaga is preparing to drop new music sooner rather than later.

Producer RedOne spoke about Gaga’s album progress in a new interview with People, where he confirmed that he’s already worked on eight new songs with Gaga that could well be featured on her upcoming fifth studio album.

Speaking out about the multiple tracks he’s already worked on with Lady Gaga, RedOne played coy with the site but admitted, “All I know is that we did eight great songs so far, and I think we have incredible songs.”

The producer then teased to the site that the pop superstar hasn’t strayed too far from her signature sound when it comes to her new material.

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“I didn’t want to go too far from what she is. We kept it [similar to] what Gaga is, what she’s done all these years,” RedOne told People of Gaga’s upcoming music, describing the sound of the new album as “special” and the genre as “a mixture of classic music and futuristic.”

As for whether the eight new songs RedOne and Lady Gaga have worked on together will make it onto her new album, the producer confessed that it’s up to Gaga to decide which tracks do and don’t make the cut.

“It’s up to her: It’s her album, it’s her creative process, it’s her world, and I’ll be happy for her whatever way she takes it,” he told the site, before gushing over Gaga and describing her as being like family.

“[Lady Gaga’s] my sister. I want her to succeed, and I love her,” the producer said. “She’s just such an amazing artist.”

Lady Gaga About To Drop New Music -- Producer RedOne Reveals Big LG5 Details

RedOne previously confirmed that he and Gaga had cut eight tracks together that could end up on her upcoming album in a May interview with Rhode Island’s WPRO radio.

The producer played just as coy in the interview, only admitting that he’d produced eight songs for Gaga and teased that fans should “see what happens” when it comes to which will make the upcoming album.

RedOne also spoke out about his new album recording sessions with Gaga to Billboard, where he admitted that Lady Gaga is in “a beautiful place” in her life that’s allowing her to make some pretty great music.

“She has a cleaner life and I have a cleaner life now — I see her happy, smiling like the girl that I knew before,” the producer admitted to the site after hitting the studio with Gaga. “She’s in a really beautiful place.”

Lady Gaga About To Drop New Music -- Producer RedOne Reveals Big LG5 Details

But it’s not just RedOne who Lady Gaga has been teaming up with to create new music for her upcoming fifth studio album.

Legendary producer Giorgio Moroder previously told DigitalSpy that he had plans to hit the studio with Lady Gaga, while Mark Ronson also confirmed that he’d been working with Gaga in London back in February.

Speaking out about Gaga in an interview with Beats 1, Ronson revealed, “I’ve come back to LA for a little bit and I’m gonna go in the studio and start working with Lady Gaga.”

“We just spent some time in the studio when she was in London,” he continued in the interview. “I know her from just before she got really massive, when she came and sang a song on a Wale record I worked on called ‘Chillin.’”

Lady Gaga fans have long been awaiting new music from the popstar, despite Gaga playing coy about when exactly she’s planning on following up her 2014 collaborative album with Tony Bennett, Cheek To Cheek.

Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Lady Gaga?

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