'Vikings' Season 5 Theory: Ivar The Boneless' Ambition To Kill Lagertha Could Lead To Major Defeat In England

The fifth season of Vikings is undoubtedly about the rise of Ivar the Boneless. Although Ragnar Lothbrok's youngest son initially struggled to defeat Lagertha in the civil war, the mid-season finale confirmed that Ivar will stop at nothing to avenge his late mother Aslaug. The teaser for Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 even hints on the possibility that the Queen of Kattegat will be killed when the series returns to History. But will Lagertha's death have tragic consequences as Ivar sets his eyes on England again?

It's no secret that Ivar the Boneless has every intention to kill his mother's murderer. Ivar has repeatedly claimed he would avenge Aslaug, even if it meant civil war in Kattegat. Lagertha's death has even been predicted by the Seer, who claims she will die at the hand of Ragnar Lothbrok's son, and fans have assumed that he is referring to Ivar. However, the plan to kill the current Queen of Kattegat could also lead to the gods turning against the Great Army when they go back to England in Vikings Season 5.

The teaser for Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 features Ivar the Boneless seemingly taking the throne while wearing war paint and a strange-looking crown. He announces that a sacrifice will be made then says, "This is Lagertha." The sequence immediately had fans wondering whether Ivar will decide to sacrifice the Queen of Kattegat to the gods before he sails back to England.

Ivar Declares War On Lagertha In Vikings Season 5

This seems like an excellent idea that could work out well for Ivar the Boneless. After all, he would be able to kill Lagertha and please the gods at the same time. However, there are also speculations that Lagertha does not want to give up her life and an unwilling sacrifice could lead to bad luck. This could mean that the gods will not be with Ivar when he faces King Alfred in battle, which could then lead to his defeat in Vikings Season 5.

So does this mean that Lagertha will end up dead in the back end of the fifth season? Fans believe the Queen of Kattegat might finally meet her end soon. Some have also pointed out that Katheryn Winnick's directorial debut in Vikings Season 6 may have confirmed her character's death. Winnick recently shared a photo on Instagram showing co-stars Marco Ilso and Alexander Ludwig in costume while the actress is in casual clothes. It is possible that Lagertha is not in the episode or the sixth season.

Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 airs on History later this year.