July 7, 2016
Jenelle Evans Says Someone Close To Her Used Her For Hookups And Stole Her Money

Jenelle Evans is a very outspoken person and doesn't hold back when she's upset about something. Jenelle has previously used her social media accounts to call out Courtland Rogers, Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, and, more recently, Nathan Griffith. She has used Twitter to blast them over cheating, stealing and being abusive. But in her relationship with David Eason, Evans has been silent in regards to accusations, because she believes that this is possibly the best relationship for her. So when she started accusing someone of stealing from her, some people assumed that her relationship with Eason had turned sour.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans decided to post a warning on Twitter to someone specific who had been stealing money from her. The warning was quite specific, hinting that she would cut the person off if she saw money disappear.

"Steal money from me and I'll (cut) u off and never speak a word to you again. You're in the wrong so you're not the victim, stop acting like it," Jenelle Evans tweeted yesterday without putting a name on the tweet.

Of course, the tweet was rather vague, so her followers immediately started questioning her where these accusations were coming from. Plus, many people decided to point to the past, where Jenelle Evans had stolen her mother's credit cards so she could drive to New Jersey to see his family. Plus, she also stole her mothers' money so she could feed her drug addiction. Maybe Evans is realizing now that money is valuable, especially when you have worked for them.

"Didn't you use to steal your moms money for drugs?" one person wrote, while another added, "I feel like you've been stealing money from MTV for years...relax."

"Did you forget how you stole your moms credit cards to go have a vacation with Kieffer and do heroin?" another person reminded her, while others wrote things such as, "who are you talking about why would they steal money from you how did you find," "lemme guess... you're latest boo is a lower too!! You sure can pick them," and "maybe you should show some respect and be thanking your mum for raising your son when you couldn't be bothered to!!"

While many people tried to guess why Jenelle was writing about a theft on Twitter, it turns out that her manager may have been the person in question. According to Starcasm, Johnny Donovan announced that he was no longer representing Evans. While he released an official statement about ending their friendship, Jenelle went on a Twitter rant, sharing tweets that have since been deleted. But Starcasm managed to grab screenshots of the tweets before Jenelle deleted them.

"I dropped u...u didn't drop me. Get it right lmao you're a groupie, think u know what u r doing but u don't," Jenelle Evans tweeted, according to Starcasm, adding in another tweet, "Or what about cat calling celebs out in public?! What about using my IG solely for all your hookups?! Lmao."

Even if Evans had lost money to a business manager who was stealing from her, it sounds like people didn't have much empathy for her. In fact, one person decided to point out that she wasn't even a celebrity and probably didn't even need people managing her.

"Oh Sweetheart you are FAR from a celebrity," one person pointed out, to which Jenelle replied, "This statement had nothing to do with me or calling myself a celebrity."

What do you think about Jenelle Evans pointing the finger at her former business manager? Do you think he stole money from her, or do you think it was just a threat since he had already been accused of using her Instagram to meet people to hook up with?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]