Man, 25, Cuts Off Penis Of His Wife’s Lover With Garden Shears, Apologizes Later

There is a horrific report coming out of Japan that details the price Ikki Kotsugai must pay for cutting off the penis of his wife’s lover. Ikki is a 25-year-old former boxer who went to the office of the unnamed 42-year-old who had been sleeping with Kotsugai’s wife. That’s when Ikki punched the attorney, almost rendering him unconscious. Kotsugai then proceeded to use a pair of nearly 8-inch long garden shears to cut off the man’s penis and flush it down the toilet.

Kotsugai, a Japanese man, was sentenced to spend four and a half years in prison for the dastardly deed. As reported by the Tokyo Reporter, the penis of the injured man was never found. Kotsugai was so angry because his wife had lied and told Ikki that the attorney had forced her to have sex with him. Ikki’s wife worked with the lawyer at the law firm, but she didn’t initially admit that she was complicit in the adulterous affair.

man cuts off penis
[Image via Tokyo Reporter]

The man who had his penis cut off in the cruel attack, which happened in August of 2015, suffered greatly, said lawyers in the Tokyo courtroom.

“The victim has lost his reproductive function, which is a serious health concern, and received mental distress.”

Kotsugai, who was also a student of law, ended up issuing a mea culpa to the man whose penis he cut off after learning the affair was mutually agreed upon. The victim also said he was sorry for having sex with Kotsugai’s wife.

Now, one year after the penis-cutting incident, the Japanese lawyer still suffers in agony, while Ikki was found guilty for causing harm that can’t be repaired to Kotsugai’s victim, according to the Independent.

Kotsugai admitted that his rage got the best of him when he learned of the affair, which Ikki initially believed was rape as his wife told Ikki.

“I could not control my anger as I thought she was forced to have relations.”

Ikki was a boxer in college, so it stands to reason that Kotsugai’s punches would render his wife’s lover almost unconscious So much so that Ikki was then able to take off the man’s pants and cut off his penis. Kotsugai’s wife saw the entire incident as it occurred, according to

The tragic event is reminiscent of another time in history when a man made the news for having his penis cut off. As seen in the below photo, John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis cut off by his estranged wife as he lay sleeping.

His wife, Lorena, later accused John of raping her and emotionally torturing her, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

Lorena was found innocent, and Bobbitt was acquitted of sexual assault. More recently, John spoke to Steve Harvey about the incident, along with the fact that it took 10.5 hours to reattach his severed penis.

penis cut off by wife
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Some of the reactions to Kotsugai’s case via social media can be read below.

“I can’t wrap my head about ruling to Kotsugai. He’s bad but opponents are more bad I feel. Unfair from emotional aspect!”

“So who’s cheating? The wife? Or the lover?”

“All 3 of them are all wrong!”

“Sleeping with the wife of a boxer. Stupid!”

“What I found most hilarious about this story is that they apologized to each other after.”

“That’s Samurai s***.”

“And the femme fatale was scot-free!?”

“This one is better than the Loretta Bobbitt story!”

“The loser is the wife. No more sex with the boxer nor lover anymore.”

“Gotta love Japanese, how polite of them to apologize!”

“Now I am wondering what he will do to the woman when he is released.”

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