‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home July 7 Revealed, ‘BB18’ House Turns On New Target [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers from early Thursday morning (July 7) might shock some CBS viewers. The BB18 house has almost entirely turned against Frank Eudy after his actions over the past week. Getting into too many alliances and upsetting the women in the house may lead to his eviction very soon. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates gives some new information from the live feeds that no houseguest wants to deal with heading into a team Head of Household competition.

Michelle Meyer, who is on the same team as Frank Eudy and also a member of the Eight Pack alliance, “threw Frank under the bus” early Thursday. She told James Huling that Frank’s upcoming targets are James and Corey Brooks. Those are two more people who have been working with Frank as part of the Eight Pack, confirming some of the paranoia they had about working with Frank in the house. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the last installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers also pointed to houseguests turning against Frank.

Zakiyah Everette, Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, and Tiffany Rousso have all gotten frustrated with the antics of Frank Eudy in the BB18 house. It ranges from the women feeling that Frank is being rude, to stating that he is being a male chauvinist in the game. This has led to frustrated comments from the men as well, with Paulie Calafiore, James Huling, and Corey Brooks ready to turn on him at the first opportunity. This all led to a late-night plan between James and Nicole to get Frank out as soon as possible.

Those aren’t the only Big Brother 18 spoilers that are going to affect the next 24 hours inside the house. At last count, Victor Arroyo is going to get evicted by a vote of 10-0. Even his closest ally in the BB18 house (Paul Abrahamian) plans to vote against him in order to win favor from the stronger alliances in the game. Victor only recently figured out that he is the real target this week and that didn’t come until several days after he was used as the replacement nominee at the Veto ceremony.

Michelle has also revealed that she plans to “throw” the HOH competition on Thursday night. Her teammates are Bridgette Dunning, Paulie Calafiore, and Frank Eudy. It’s a risky move, but Michelle is trying to show the people that she works with that she will do anything to help her group move further in the game. This means that the next HOH will come from one of the other three teams in the BB18 house. A worst-case scenario for Frank would be to have Tiffany Rousso win the power, as she has stated for more than a week that she wants him out of the game.

The Wednesday, July 6, episode of the show didn’t quite reveal how much Frank Eudy has damaged his personal game in the house. Many previous Big Brother 18 spoilers have pointed out bad conversations he has had with women in the house and how he has quickly become more of a target than Paul Abrahamian. Paul appears to have made a brilliant move by keeping the secret about Victor Arroyo getting evicted next, helping secure stronger relationships with players like Paulie Calafiore. That will certainly help prolong his game this summer.

Victor is getting evicted on Thursday night (July 7), and the only thing left to reveal about it is the total vote count. After that, the BB18 house could get thrown into chaos, especially with many players now prepared to finally get in the game. It could lead to three very interesting nominations as Week 3 of summer 2016 gets rolling. That alone will present some exciting Big Brother 18 spoilers over the next seven days of action.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]