‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actor Frank Grillo Says Crossbones May Not Be Dead

Captain America: Civil War was a highly successful project for Marvel studios, giving the actors involved great exposure and, for those whose characters weren’t killed off, an opportunity to continue on in the franchise. Frank Grillo believes this is something his own character, Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, may be able to do, suggesting that it may have been premature for Captain America fans to count out his villain so quickly.

Captain America: Civil War‘s Frank Grillo Says There’s Hope For Crossbones

The scene in question has Grillo’s character wearing an explosive device on his belt, meant to take out Captain America, but things go wrong with the help of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. Crossbones is whisked away and held in mid-air by Scarlet Witch, who also forces the blast away from Crossbones. This, says Frank Grillo, is how his Captain America: Civil War villain may have lived to fight another day, reports ABC News.

In fact, Grillo says, there isn’t even a body by the time all is said and done. The actor may be correct in pointing out that Crossbones’ dead body is never seen on screen in the Marvel Entertainment film, but that’s only because the explosion was presumed to have taken the villain with it, as the whole fiery mess rips through a building to claim more innocent lives.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier also seemed to spell doom for Crossbones, proving that appearances can be deceiving. If the scene seemed familiar, that may be because there was a similar scene in the previous Captain America film, says Grillo. Again, Crossbones was caught in the devastation of a collapsing building, only to re-emerge for Captain America: Civil War.

“That happened last time,” Frank said about his character’s fate. “I’m not saying anything except that… you didn’t see a body.”

After revealing what may be a huge spoiler, Mr. Grillo seemed nervous about suggesting that his Captain America: Civil War villain may again be seen in upcoming films. The actor nervously asked the interviewer who was listening to the broadcast.

When Frank signed on with Marvel, he says it was a deal for multiple films. Although his contract may have expired, Mr. Grillo says he’s up for more films, if Marvel Entertainment is willing to have him back.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Reveals His All Time Favorite Scene Of Any Marvel Cinematic Universe Film


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Captain America: Civil War has been a huge success for Marvel Entertainment, as well as a big favorite for fans of the M.C.U., so it may not be at all surprising that Kevin Feige names this film as the source of his all time favorite Marvel scene, according to Movie Pilot. Feige’s favorite scene comes, when Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) travel to the HYDRA base to stop Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) from enacting his plot to awaken the winter soldiers. Of course, as Captain America: Civil War moviegoers were soon to learn, the whole plot had been a set-up, with Zemo having already killed the winter soldiers. Everything had been a ploy to create strife between the Avengers.

This isn’t the only twist in this story. Zemo also reveals that Bucky Barnes had been brainwashed to kill Tony Stark’s parents, giving Iron Man greater motivation to seek retribution. The Captain America: Civil War film earns its title here most of all, as all three heroes go at each other in one great battle sequence.

“I think it’s my favorite moment in 13 MCU films,” Feige says of that Captain America: Civil War scene. “The whole movie was building to that, and it’s amazingly executed by the Russos. It goes back to conversations we had years ago about how to make it different and how to have as many characters as any Avengers movie and yet have it end in a very different and personal manner.”

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