Dorinda Medley Reveals Luann de Lesseps Was Inappropriate While Looking For Support

Dorinda Medley doesn't necessarily seem to be on anyone's side in the drama unfolding on The Real Housewives of New York, but she understands why some of the ladies are arguing. One can imagine that she just wants them to work out their issues, and she has tried twice now to get the ladies together for a sit-down dinner so they can talk about their issues and feelings. Sadly, the Berkshires didn't exactly work out to be a peaceful night away and the dinner featured on last night's episode ended up in Luann de Lesseps walking out.

According to a new tweet, Dorinda Medley shared her feelings about last night's episode, as it was airing. Clearly, she doesn't think that de Lesseps is an innocent as she wants to believe she is. While she wants all of the ladies to be happy for her, she doesn't exactly have the sweetest things to say about Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer, who have both dated Thomas D'Agostino before her. But Medley knows to stay silent and she didn't say anything when the ladies got together at Bethenny Frankel's home to talk about their co-star.

"As you can see I have NOTHING to say about this because I'd rather scrub floors with mascara brushes and chew on toothpicks …" Dorinda Medley revealed on Twitter while watching the scene unfold at Bethenny's home.

But Dorinda did speak out when she heard that de Lesseps was telling Ramona Singer that she had said some nasty things about her. Apparently, de Lesseps was under the impression that Ramona had said some nasty things about her and Dorinda had passed on the information. But Medley doesn't quite see it that way.

"Oh boy … I never said 'nasty,' Luann … now YOU're stirring the pot … you and your exaggerations …" Dorinda Medley pointed out on Twitter, sharing that she never called her co-star nasty and that Luann was just making things up to make her case even stronger.

"You know … Luann just wants to live in this moment … And yes she wants no one to rain on her parade. I get it!!!!" Dorinda Medley revealed on Twitter, sharing that she realizes that her co-star just wants to be happy.

But there are ways to be happy and talking about a co-star's sex life isn't one of them. While de Lesseps was looking for support from the ladies, she did reveal that Sonja Morgan was just having sex with Thomas and that their relationship was purely friends with benefits. One can imagine that Sonja didn't appreciate Luann downplaying her relationship with Thomas. And Dorinda Medley did think that her actions were inappropriate.

"Well Luann shouldn't say that either … that's inappropriate too. #AllAboutTom," Medley tweeted in response to Luann talking about Sonja's sex life, adding that Carole probably handled the situation the best, writing on Twitter, "Wow... And that's what a grown a** woman does Carole Radziwill. I'm proud of you!!! #MovedOn."

Even though de Lesseps was happy and she just wanted her co-stars to feel her happiness and congratulate her, she didn't get what she wanted. And she decided to flip out on the ladies, yelling at them before storming out of the restaurant.

"If you're my friend, you defend me life a friend," Luann told Ramona during the dinner, according to Radar Online, adding, "Then don't talk s**t behind my back."

"When you're here and you're feeling great, and you're in love, everybody tries to rip you down! All of my friends are happy for me except for you bitches! Why?" de Lesseps asked the other ladies before storming out of the dinner, according to Radar Online.

Maybe Dorinda has learned a lesson; you can't force these ladies together to make peace. At least, she sounded like she was done planning a dinner party for the sake of making peace, as the episode came to an end.

"And there you have it, folks … Another dinner, another destiny, another disaster by Dorinda … I TRIED to #MakeItNice … AGAIN.." Dorinda Medley tweeted, adding later, "I can't get these dinners right….. #SIGH."

What do you think of Dorinda Medley's efforts to get the ladies together? Do you think she was right about de Lesseps being rude?

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Town & Country]