Shakira Promotes ‘La Bicicleta’ As Critics Give Up Hope For Song Of The Summer 2016

Will Shakira come out with a sleeper hit that will become the song of the summer 2016? The Colombian singer has been promoting her new music video for “La Bicicleta” nonstop on her Instagram, giving little sneak peeks into the feel-good song. Seeing how the contenders for this year’s song of the summer look weak, Shakira might have a fair chance in surprising everyone with her new song.

“With her new music video riding in this Friday, Shakira took to Instagram to tease ‘La Bicicleta.’ Her collaboration with Carlos Vives was released at the end of May, and has racked up more than 14 million listens on its official YouTube posting,” reports Entertainment Weekly. “The teaser features a hip-shaking Shakira as well as Vives loading two bicycles into the back of a truck.”

Check out a short promo video that the 39-year-old singer posted on her Instagram.

Are you ready? Preparados? #LaBicicletaVideo #8July #8deJulio @CarlosVives ????

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Definitely looks like her hips still don’t lie after all those years!

She also let her fans have a listen to the song as she sang a little bit from “La Bicicleta” with her partner.

#LaBicicletaVideo #8July #8deJulio @carlosvives ????

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Seeing how her song released on youtube has 14 million hits on YouTube, it looks like her music video is about to get a lot more views than that!

If they are able to ride the momentum, they will be able to snag the song of the summer title with “La Bicicleta,” because so far, the contenders have been lackluster.

“Apologies if I’m the only one who finds, at this July 4th weekend midpoint of the summer of 2016, this year’s contenders to be uninspiring. Even kind of bad,” reports Daily Beast.

But Shakira is not stressing herself out by trying to snag the song of the summer 2016 title. She is taking it easy being a good mom to all her baby sons, as well as being a good partner for her husband Gerard Pique, who has been dedicating a lot of his energy at this year’s Euro Cup.

Shakira may be a globally successful singer but she’s also a devoted mom,” reports Daily Mail. “The 39-year-old was spotted with her longtime partner Gerard Pique, 29, and their two children at Miami International airport on Wednesday. The singer, who sported barely there denim shorts with a blue tank top and pink hat, pushed her three-year-old son Milan in his stroller.”

The singer and her sons have been religiously attending Gerard Pique’s games this summer, though not every game ended happily ever after.

“Milan Piqué is really his dad Gerard Pique’s biggest fan,” reports E! Online. “Shakira posted this tender photo of singer Carlos Vives consoling her son, while she looks emotional about her boyfriend’s team of Spain losing 2-0 to Italy in the UEFA Euro 2016.”

@carlosvives consolando a Milan ante el gol de Italia. Shak

A photo posted by Shakira (@shakira) on

Instead of continuing to be upset over the game results, Shakira took this opportunity to show the world how much of herself is coming out in her eldest son, Milan.

Wonder where he gets it from... / Nos preguntamos a quién salió… ShakHQ

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Just because she is a dedicated mother does not mean that she neglects herself or her career!

“She leads an extremely busy life, juggling a continuously sky-rocketing career and motherhood all at the same time,” reports Daily Mail. “But on Monday afternoon Shakira took some time for herself, blowing off some much-needed steam as she eagerly arrived to an athletic center in Barcelona. The Colombian pop diva looked to be in tip-top shape as she practically sprinted out of the car and into her local gym in a stylish fitness ensemble.”

She has been working towards a comeback for the longest time, having taken off several years to tend to her baby sons and to make time for her family. Just a few months ago, she expressed that it is time that she focuses back on her music.

“I’ve been taking a temporary license away from music for my kids, justified by them,” Shakira said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. “And the truth is that it was healthy… But the reality is that it is vital for me, and this is who I am — music is in the very fibre of my being. And I need to get back to it, so my kids are going to have to excuse me for a little bit.”

Do you think “La Bicicleta” will help her career and even possibly become the song of the summer 2016?

[Photo by John Salangsang/AP Images]