Leah Messer Shares Special Moments With Her Daughters: What She Had To Say

Teen Mom star Leah Messer has been working very hard to get her life back on track after losing custody of her twin girls last October. The custody ruling came as a shock to her, because the decision was based on false school records that indicated that her daughters were not in attendance at school when they were. Leah decided to fight back and she regained custody of her girls. Leah currently shares custody with Corey over the twins, and she's worked out a great custody deal with Jeremy Calvert over little Adalynn. Surprisingly, Leah had all of her girls on the Fourth of July weekend, and they all got to enjoy the fireworks together.

According to a new Instagram post, Teen Mom star Leah Messer decided to celebrate each of her daughters on this special weekend, and she posted a video of each of her girls. And with each video, Messer revealed just how much she loved her girls and how special they were.

"This girl tho, truly inspiring! I wish you all could see more of just how amazing and determined she is! She has a heart made of gold. She will always be my rainbow on a rainy day! #AliannahHope #AAA #AliGirl #Sweet&Sassy like her Momma," Leah Messer revealed in the caption to a video, which showed her daughter Ali playing around.

Of course, Teen Mom fans already know that Ali has struggled with her body and with walking, but it sounds like she's actually doing well without her wheelchair. In the video, Ali is standing by herself and she's smiling. One can imagine that Leah Messer is super proud of her daughter. And Messer also shared a video of her other twin girl, Aleeah.

"She's so beautiful inside and out. Something else that is so beautiful is her voice! This girl loves to sing. Maybe I can share her talent with you all someday!#Fireworks #AleeahGrace #AAA#Gracie #MyMiniMe," Leah Messer revealed while sharing a video of Aleeah, dancing around in circles.

This isn't the first time that Leah Messer has pointed out that her daughter really likes to sing. Maybe she will get to catch her daughter singing at one point. No word on whether Leah has decided to film the upcoming season of Teen Mom, as both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska has hinted that they want to be done with the show soon. Their children are growing up and Chelsea doesn't necessarily want Aubree to be exposed to the fans and the show much longer. Jenelle has threatened to quit because she feels that the producers only want to show her in a negative light.

Leah Messer also decided to share a video of her youngest daughter, Adalynn. Adalynn is spotted sitting on a swing as she watches the fireworks. She has been a part of Teen Mom 2 since she was born, so one can imagine she doesn't really know what life would be like without the producers coming in once a year and staying for months. But she did enjoy the fireworks with her mother over the weekend.

"Watching fireworks while swinging little baby A. She so spoiled! #MommyGirl Look at her crown too. Cinderella's slippers are on the ground beneath her. LOL #PERFECTION #PRINCESS," Leah Messer revealed in the video, where she's seen pushing Adalynn on a swing, while they are both watching the fireworks in the sky.

What do you think of Leah Messer's sweet messages to her daughters on this special weekend? Do you think Leah will continue to share her struggles as a single mother of three children on Teen Mom 2 or do you think she is ready to leave the spotlight behind?

[Image via Instagram]