July 7, 2016
Farrah Abraham Responds To Dr. Drew Saying He Would 'Strangle' Her, 'Teen Mom OG' Star Claps Back

Farrah Abraham has found yet another "celebrity" to feud with. She is known for blowing things up in order to keep her name in the media and has attacked people just for the sake of commenting on their lives. Abraham has had battles with Nicki Minaj and the Kardashian sisters, but this new battle is surprising. 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG has been a huge part of making her famous, but it looks like she is willing to let it all go because she no longer feels "safe."

Dr. Drew Pinksy has known Farrah Abraham since she was just a teenager. To say she was difficult to work with wouldn't surprise anyone who watched the show or has followed her throughout the last several years. Yesterday, it was revealed by Radar Online that Dr. Drew Pinksy said he would choose Farrah Abraham when asked about which Teen Mom he would strangle during the Allegedly podcast. He went on to talk about her and how she has changed into a woman and grown up a lot since he first met her, but fans knew once she caught wind of what he said, it would be addressed publicly by her.

She didn't respond immediately, but Farrah Abraham decided to clap back at Dr. Drew Pinksy for saying he would strangle her. The comment was made only because he was asked a direct question about strangling a Teen Mom star, not because he literally wanted to harm Abraham. According to the Ashley, Farrah Abraham criticized Dr. Drew Pinksy for wanting to strangle her and insinuated he also wanted to sleep with her. While that was never discussed in the podcast, he was asked if he was attracted to any of the Teen Mom stars. He denied any attraction, but Abraham seems to believe he is attracted to her because of the comments he made about her in the adult film industry.

This situation could make things uncomfortable for Farrah Abraham at the Teen Mom OG reunion. Dr. Drew Pinksy hosts the reunion, and the women sit with him on the couch to talk about what transpired over the season. Abraham no longer feels comfortable around him and will likely not film with him. This presents a problem for MTV, especially since the season has already been filmed, and the reunion show is part of their contractual obligations. Abraham will likely cause an uproar over this and be allowed to either film alone or with someone else for her part of the special.

Fans are not shocked by Farrah Abraham's reaction to Dr. Drew Pinksy's comment on the podcast. While it was clear that he was joking and not threatening the reality star in any way, she took it to the next level. Staying relevant is hard, but Abraham always finds a way to keep her name in the lights, even if it is for something like clapping back. Now that she has expressed fear for her safety, things have gotten serious. Abraham has been known to do outlandish things because of feeling threatened, and the next move is going to be her call.

Right now, Dr. Drew Pinksy has not apologized to Farrah Abraham for his comments. She claims she felt safe talking to him, and that trust was broken. With everything going on and the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion to film, fans expect to see an apology to Abraham from Dr. Drew Pinksy. The last day has been incredibly stressful for her, and perhaps an apology would help calm things down. Farrah Abraham is angry and feels betrayed by someone she trusted, but that won't stop her from milking it for all it is worth.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]