Hillary Clinton: Chronic Health Issues May Interfere With Presidency, Says Political Insider

Inquisitr Staff

Hillary Clinton reportedly has chronic health issues that may interfere with the presidency, according to one political insider. The 68-year-old presumptive Democratic nominee has never been too open about her medical history, but the coughing fits alone may be enough to indicate that Clinton has some serious health problems. Radar Online issued a report on Wednesday that has an insider close to Hillary Clinton saying the presidential hopeful is facing "mounting health issues."

Several coughing fits have been caught on camera as Hillary Clinton has campaigned across the nation for the 2016 primary elections and caucuses. The Washington Post reported in April that Clinton had two public coughing fits in one week, leaving Democratic constituents wondering if she's even healthy enough to become president. Actress Susan Sarandon even said in May during an interview with Larry King that she won't endorse Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate because "she may have health issues."

A neurologist even suggested that Hillary Clinton could have long-lasting cognitive symptoms stemming from post-concussion syndrome. However, Clinton's campaign has continued to maintain that she's in good health and can serve as President of the United States. But RedState reported recently that stresses from even a "non-competitive primary" are wearing Clinton down.

"If she does win the primary, the general campaign will exhaust her and the odds of her being able to cope with the demands of the presidency approach zero."

That same RedState report went on to list a host of other rumored and confirmed health issues that Hillary Clinton has been dealing with throughout the years, including allergies, fainting spells, obesity, minor strokes, double vision, and even multiple sclerosis. Newsmax added that Clinton's health has been the subject of debate multiple times, especially when Clinton's campaign insisted that Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders release his own medical records back in January, two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, quickly retracted the request, saying, "We're fighting on who would make a better President, not on who has a better Physical Fitness Test."

But how important is the health of a presidential candidate?

Medscape says that "voters should have some information about the health status of people who want to hold the presidential office," and that a candidate should be examined not by their personal physician, but by physicians appointed by a bipartisan group who may be able to detect illnesses that could potentially interfere with presidential responsibilities.

Hillary Clinton's chronic coughing fits have already interfered with campaigning for the 2016 presidential election. Coughing spells constantly interrupt Clinton's campaign speeches, leaving questions about the "status of the Democratic presidential front-runner's health," according to the Inquisitr in May after Clinton coughed repeatedly during a rally in California.

Dr. Jonathan Aviv, an ear, nose, and throat specialist in New York, told Inside Edition back in February that "it's not just a cough," and there's something else going on with the hoarseness and throat clearing. American political consultant Roger Stone said that New York Democrats were actually surprised that Hillary Clinton decided to run for president due to her significant health problems and lack of stamina.

Stone also added that in emails, Hillary Clinton is often confused, which was recently confirmed by Clinton's long-time aide Huma Abedin.

In April, an article published on KevinMD.com outlined some concerns about Hillary Clinton's health records, but said that Clinton's health risks aren't anything that should disqualify her from being president. However, "they are certainly something to ponder."

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