Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Offers New Security Features And Final Nag Screen For Upgrades

As Microsoft prepares to release its anniversary edition of Windows 10 at the end of the month, new features have been added that will make the operating system more secure. It also comes with a nag screen for those who haven’t upgraded their systems yet to remind users to upgrade and also that the upgrade is free for only a limited time.

Tech Republic reported that the new Windows 10 security features include major upgrades that help enterprises combat the onslaught of attacks. Attacks are a common occurrence, and Microsoft has promised newer and better security features in the hopes that it will make Windows 10 the best viable option for enterprise systems around the world. The upgrade will include an additional update for Windows Defender, Microsoft’s security suite.

The advanced features include an emphasis on the Microsoft Edge browser, as it is being changed to focus on preventing security breaches. Edge will isolate Flash content that occurs outside of the browser to eliminate vulnerabilities.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Microsoft will include a new tool in Windows 10 that allows for a clean install of the operating system as well as the removal of bloatware from the system. Although users currently have the option of restoring their systems to their previous operating system version, the upgrades were installed on top of the current operating system instead of replacing the operating system. The tool is being tested by Windows insiders, and once the testing is complete, Microsoft will release it to a wider audience.

Extreme Tech reported that Microsoft was prepping its last push of Windows 10, a push that included a full-screen window encouraging users to upgrade their systems. The screen gives users the opportunity to upgrade forever or decline the upgrade for good. Technology podcaster Paul Thurrott predicted that Microsoft will have between 380 million and 400 million users using Windows 10 by the end of July.

Microsoft has been criticized for its aggressive tactics in pushing the operating system. A change in the PC market has caused a slowdown. The PC market is getting smaller, and users are holding onto their operating systems longer.

The Mirror reported the pros and cons of upgrading to Windows 10. The new upgrade is available for all Windows 7 and 8 users. Windows 10 will cease to be a free update on July 29, the one year anniversary of the release. After that, the Windows 10 home edition will cost $119 while the Pro edition will cost around $199.

The reasons for upgrading include an artificial intelligence system that rival’s Google’s Now as well as Apple’s Siri. Microsoft’s Cortana allows users to use voice commands to access various functions, and they are launching a version of Cortana for both Apple and Android users so that they can sync their data on their computer. Users won’t need an account to use Windows 10, something that was off-putting for many of the Windows 8 users.

Windows 10 has also proven to be very popular with gamers, and it also offers the ability to create virtual desktops. Users can create various desktops geared towards particular tasks as well as themes and places to work.

The cons of upgrading to Windows 10 is that the Home Edition downloads and updates automatically. For some, this may prove to be an annoyance. It also doesn’t have a Windows Media Center so that users can play digital content like DVDs. It’s necessary to download and install a media player to play this content.

[Photo via Microsoft]