July 7, 2016
Kelly Dodd’s Divorce Documents: Did She Refuse To Work So She Could Get Money?

Kelly Dodd may be brand new to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it sounds like she fits right in with her troubled past. On last week's episode, Kelly revealed that she and her husband had once tried to divorce before, but he wouldn't let her leave. Rather than seek professional help from the outside, Dodd realized that it would be much easier for her to just stay in the marriage. Since 2012, Kelly Dodd has been legally married to her husband Michael, and while she says that he's a great guy, she couldn't get herself to say that she loved him. Now, several sources have gone digging for her divorce papers and say she was demanding money from her husband.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kelly Dodd was supposedly asking for thousands of dollars in spousal support in the divorce papers she filed back in 2012. In the divorce papers, she revealed that they were divorcing due to irreconcilable differences. The two share daughter Jolie and Kelly Dodd asked him to pay her $20,000 in attorney fees. Apparently, Michael was the sole provider back then, and he earned upwards of $500,000 per year and received bonuses of the same amount. And Kelly wasn't working at all.

"Since the day I filed for dissolution of marriage, March 6, 2012, Respondent has only given me access to $5,000 for our daughter's and my current needs," the divorce papers read, according to Radar Online, continuing, "My monthly rent is $5,5000 per month, Jolie's monthly school fees average $1,000."

In her divorce papers, Kelly Dodd argued that her husband was making much more money than she was and she was asking for temporary spousal and child support from him, totaling $41,666 per month, while her only expenses totaled $15,850. And Dodd knew that her husband had a Wells Fargo Bank account, which stored $1,000,000. She wanted that divided in two as well. But Michael didn't want to budge, as he didn't want to give her any money. In fact, he argued that she was working in sales at the Orange County Register in Fall 2011. He points out that Dodd was guaranteed $50,000 in commission per year, but that she chose to quit the job, as she "has chosen not to" work.

"I have been paying all expenses and at Petitioner's counsel's request I transferred $50,000 to Petitioner," Michael explained in the divorce papers, adding, "Petitioner does not use the funds that I provide her to just provide for her and our daughter's living expenses. Petitioner spends money frivolously, has a tendency to shop a lot, and uses a great deal of funds on purchasing unnecessary items."

Of course, the two never ended up going through with the divorce. Maybe Kelly Dodd realized that she wouldn't be getting anything that she was asking of her husband and it would be much easier to just work through their issues and stay married. According to USA Today, Kelly Dodd told her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars her issues and revealed that her husband had undergone a psychiatric evaluation around the time she filed divorce papers. He simply wouldn't let her leave, and Dodd's co-stars were in shock that she would share this information -- and that she would stay with him. Tamra Judge revealed that she would never stay with someone who wouldn't let her leave.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd's decision to stick with her husband? Do you think she decided to stay because she wouldn't be getting the money she had asked him for?

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