‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Are Playing A Dangerous Game, Who Will Win?

As promised in a new promo for the week of July 5, General Hospital is about to get completely crazy with the cat and mouse game that Alexis and Julian Jerome are playing. They have been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats these past couple of weeks with these newlyweds, and it is about to get even worse. Who will win this dangerous game they are playing?

It is hard to believe that Julian and Alexis had been a happily married couple just weeks ago. To see them now, you certainly would never believe that this couple had been madly in love and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Now it is the complete opposite. Alexis doesn’t want her husband laying a hand on her. In the recent promo for this week that General Hospital has released on Twitter, it shows that Alexis may really be in danger after trying to get Julian to confess to murder.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Alexis was wearing a wire under her shirt as a way to nail her mobster husband for the murder of Carlos Rivera. She got talked into it by Anna Devane, and even though she had her doubts, Alexis chose to go forward with this dangerous plan.

She had told Julian that she wanted to work things out with him. He came bearing flowers and a hope that they could get back together, especially since she is supposedly pregnant with his child. Thus began the cat and mouse game between them.

The mobster also brought another surprising gift for his wife. He got hold of the one piece of evidence that could send Alexis to prison since she is being charged with the murder of Carlos. He pulled out the dagger that he used to murder Carlos. He reminded her that he would never let her go to prison, but instead of confessing, he is planning on getting rid of the evidence.

Alexis was clearly uncomfortable at this point, but she kept on talking to him. After some major prompting, Julian eventually told her that he had killed Carlos to protect what they have together. He also finally admitted that he was the one who ordered the hit on Duke Lavery, which is exactly what Anna wanted to hear. However, she and Paul Hornsby now have to wait for Jordan Ashford to get back with an arrest warrant, but will it be too late for Alexis?

Back at the house, Alexis has backed away from Julian when he went to touch her and now he is suspicious. As seen in the General Hospital preview clip, things are about to go completely crazy. From the looks of it, Julian finds out that Alexis has completely betrayed him by finding the wire that she is wearing. As Alexis is nervously holding what looks to be the wire in her hand, Julian calmly lets her know that he now understands how things are between them.

“We both know exactly where we stand.”

This looks like it will set him off on a violent rage against his wife that has now betrayed him in the worst possible way. He is seen grabbing her from behind and holding his hand over her mouth. Does Julian grab the dagger and threaten to kill her? At the end of the clip, Alexis is heard whispering to her husband in desperation.

“Please don’t do this.”

It certainly sounds quite dramatic. General Hospital fans still can’t believe that the writers have chosen to make Julian Jerome into the cruel mobster that would ever try to harm the one person who he claims to love and adore. Who will win this game that these two are playing with each other? It is looking like neither one of them will win at this point.

It could end badly for Alexis. However, Julian may just end up realizing how terrible he has become by almost killing his wife and could possibly turn himself in. Or Jordan and Anna could storm in and save Alexis from the hands of her violent husband. According to a spoiler by Soaps She Knows for Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Julian is expected to make a desperate attempt to escape. It sounds like he may be trying to make a run for it, and Alexis could beg for him not to.

Another possible scenario to turn this around is that Alexis changes her mind about incriminating him and takes the wire off. Could she have a change of heart after all of this effort to get him to confess?

How do you think this will all play out on General Hospital? Will Julian end up going to prison after all? Is Alexis really pregnant?

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]