Joe Biden Gives No Bull Sh*t Beer Invite To Firefighter

Joe Biden invited a firefighter to come to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to try one of the White House’s now famous home-brewed beers. And just to make sure that there was no confusion with the invitation, Biden insured the crew in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, that he wasn’t bullsh*ting.

Pointing to one of his aids, Biden said:

“He’s going to call you, no bullshit.”

When Biden remembered that the room was full of reporters, he changed the message slightly. Biden said:

“This is no malarkey. You come to the White House. I’ll buy you a beer.”

According to the Huffington Post, Biden is a few years overdue on his beer promise to Deputy Chief Brad Shober. Biden visited the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department last year and gave Shober a presidential coin. Biden told Shober at the time that if he still had the coin the next time he visits he’d buy the crew a round of beers.

Shober told the NY Times earlier this week that he “made sure that was [in] my pocket” when the vice president came to visit on 9/11.

When Biden left the volunteer firefighter department in Pennsylvania, he made sure that Shober would come visit the White House. Biden did, however, say that he couldn’t promise a visit from President Obama.

Biden said:

“We made the deal, right? You’re coming down… I can’t promise you Obama. He brews his own stuff, I don’t.”

Do you think Deputy Chief Brad Shober will take Biden up on his no bullsh*t offer? Are you surprised that the vice president cursed? All of the bikers he’s been hanging out with must be rubbing off on him.