August 24, 2017
Joseline Hernandez Slams Stevie J For Denying Couple's Baby, Pregnant Star Says She's Quitting 'Love & Hip Hop' Spinoff

Just days after having announced her pregnancy, Joseline Hernandez has made it known that she is not returning for the second season of Stevie J & Joseline following the drama that has surrounded her relationship with the music producer.

As previously reported, Joseline and Stevie decided to call it quits last month, which led to Hernandez making several outrageous claims against her estranged husband, claiming the reality star is gay before going on to insinuate that she had caught him watching gay adult films on multiple occasions.

The comments she made via social media were shocking, to say the least, but Joseline says she took a lie detector test to prove she wasn't making it up.

It was even more surprising when the former stripper then went on to announce her pregnancy, claiming that the man she had accused of being gay is the child's father — an allegation which Stevie J has strongly denied in recent days.

After hearing about the producer's denial to admit that he and Joseline have still been sexually active in the past month or so, Joseline Hernandez took to her official Instagram account, slamming the 44-year-old for not only being a bad father to the children he already has but also stressing that she has no interest in doing another season of the couple's reality show together with someone who is filled with nothing but hate and evil.

"You worship the devil not God should I tell them that too?" Joseline writes, according to Bossip, before she went on to mention that a DNA test will be taken as soon as the baby is born. After that, not only will Stevie J have to accept the fact that he's the father of yet another child, he'll also be facing expensive fees in child support considering all the money he has made from club appearances and reality TV deals.

She concluded by saying, "I luv my and we don't need you in our life's especially if she's a girl. Sincerely the baby you will never meet but will always pay. good bye b****."

According to Joseline, VH1 were interested in picking up another season of Stevie J & Joseline, which did incredibly well in the ratings, producers couldn't see themselves giving up on a show with so much potential.

But now that the duo have gone their separate ways, endless allegations have been made, and Stevie J is refusing to accept the supposed fact that he's the father of Joseline's baby, Hernandez says she will not be signing on for the sake of a paycheck.

The 29-year-old has received a lot of criticism on social media after having announced her pregnancy, since she infamously claimed that her husband wasn't into women but now claims the TV star is the father of her first baby.

With Joseline Hernandez confirming that she will not be returning to the ever-so-popular spinoff show, fans are wondering whether the reality star will even want to return to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, especially since her storylines were more or less always based on her relationship with Stevie J.

Joseline says that a DNA test will be taken as soon as she gives birth. Until then, the socialite says she will no longer entertain Stevie J's shenanigans — he will get the ultimate surprise when the test proves he is the father of her child.

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for UrbanDaddy]