Taylor Swift Fan Trespasses On The Celebrity’s Rhode Island Mansion To Propose?

A Taylor Swift fan reportedly showed up in front of the singer’s mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island on Wednesday. The fan, who TMZ did not identify by name, claimed that he had an appointment with the star. Here are the source’s exact words.

“Taylor’s security team first stopped him at her gate and called police, who transported him to a hospital for mental evaluation. His car was towed from the scene.”

TMZ also said that the man was crying and told the attending police officers that “Taylor was supposed to marry him, but now she’s with Tom.”

The source also added that Taylor Swift was not at home when the incident occurred and that the “Shake It Off” singer hopped on a plane late Wednesday night en route to Australia.

Perez Hilton had a slightly different version of the story. The celebrity gossip writer stated that Taylor Swift was instead “en route to LA with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston at the time of the scary event.”

Like TMZ, Perez Hilton was also unable to provide the identity of the crying fan, adding that it was unclear if charges will be pressed for the intrusion. Perez also mentioned that this wasn’t the first time this happened.

“What’s frightening is that this isn’t the first time T.S. has had to deal with a crazed fan — back in 2014 she was granted a temporary restraining order against Timothy Sweet for relentless harassment.”

While reporting on the same incident from Wednesday, Teen Vogue made no mention of the authorities being called in by Taylor Swift’s security at the time specified. Instead, the source said that “the intruder was reportedly stopped at the gate by the singer’s bodyguards and transported to a hospital for a mental examination.”

Teen Vogue was also unable to obtain the fan’s name, just like the other two sources. Also, like Perez Hilton, Teen Vogue indicated that this wasn’t the first time a similar incident occurred by saying the following.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

“A couple months ago, a man was arrested for trying to break into her [Taylor Swift] Tribeca home in New York City. Let’s hope her security team continues to keep her safe.”

The Tribeca intruder’s name was Lucas Vorsteveld “who was found ringing Taylor’s doorbell.”

To-date, Gossip Cop has joined the fray, along with the original sources TMZ, Perez Hilton, and Teen Vogue. Daily Mail is the latest source to jump on the bandwagon regarding Taylor Swift’s alleged home intruder. Still, there is no sign of any new information as to the intruder’s name, identity, and stats such as height, weight, race, or age.

As of this report, it’s not possible to 100 percent confirm if a trespassing actually took place at Taylor Swift’s home on Wednesday, July 6. First, the sources of the story have been unable to properly identify the fan who allegedly intruded — all that is known is that he is male. Also, there was no description of the intruder’s stats.

There are also no photographs of such a person. The only photograph is a car being towed, which is in TMZ’s possession.

Twitter and other social media outlets are in the same boat. A tweet provides a link to the news, but upon clicking the link, a warning appears indicating that the URL is from a malicious source. Therefore, such a link has not be included in this report.

Unless more information is received, the only conclusion that can be made is that there is no real news about a Taylor Swift fan intrusion. All there is is an elaborate hoax without a face, name or description to it. Also whether such a hoax is being propagated by sources close to Taylor or otherwise, is the big question.

So the public should be warned regarding this hoax, for whatever purpose it may serve. For all you know, the recent Taylor Swift fan trespassing could be a publicity gimmick, a phishing strategy, or an Internet malware waiting to be unleashed.

Please share your thoughts, especially if you have some valuable insight which can help us sort out the real motive behind the most recent Taylor Swift intruder hoax. Who knows, you could be saving somebody down the road. Or, it could be as simple as somebody may be out to capitalize on the non-stop barrage of news lately regarding the sizzling romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]