‘SAW 8’: Official Title, Writers, Producers, And Filming Dates Finally Announced

Saw 8, or Saw: Legacy, as it has officially been named, it finally moving forward!

Last night, Movie Pilot reported some information about the movie it dug up from files belonging to a film agency in Toronto called IATSE 873. The information reconfirms that Saw 8 is happening, and the report points out that it looks to be coming sooner than Saw fans could have hoped — filming is set to begin in September and wrap in October of this year. The IATSE file even added some information to the small amount that was already known about the upcoming Saw 8: Legacy.

For example, it told us, Saw 8 will be co-produced by a pair of very familiar faces: Dan Heffner and Oren Koules, the duo that produced all seven of the existing Saw films. It is a huge relief that Saw 8‘s producers are already intimately acquainted with the grungy and surprisingly deep universe Saw has created, because it will more easily allow them to lend Saw: Legacy that gritty realism that gave the rest of the franchise’s films their dark appeal.

Another important piece of information the documents revealed is that, just like all past Saw movies, Saw 8: Legacy will be a low-budget production. The amount of cash the producers will spend on making the film may not seem of utmost importance on the surface, but the fact that the people behind the Saw films have always forced themselves to keep things economical by utilizing practical effects and classical scares rather than CGI and flashy production is a big part of what has made the Saw series so iconic.

The writing team that has already been confirmed for Saw 8: Legacy may not be as close to the Saw universe as the producers, but they are still a great match for the scriptwriting duties. Bloody Disgusting reports that the team consists of Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, the two men that penned the screenplays for Sorority Row, Piranha 3D, and Piranha 3DD. The movies that come from Stolberg and Goldfinger’s work are not known to be the most intellectually stimulating fare, but they are often called “mindless fun.” In other words, perfect for a nice, gory, intense, exciting eighth installment in the Saw series.

It was also reported months ago that Leigh Whannell and James Wan, co-creators of the original Saw, would be executive producing. This fact is not reflected in the recently discovered filing, although, what with the reputation Wan has developed since he left the Saw franchise as one of the best horror directors ever, it would certainly be exciting if it turned out to be true.

The Saw film franchise took the world by storm with a fresh new take on the horror movie formula when Whannell and then-newbie Wan released the first Saw installment back in 2004, and it continued to rivet horror fans — and step up its gore game — for the next seven years by releasing a new chapter in the Saw saga every Halloween through 2010.

The seventh installment in the saga told audiences it would be the last we heard from Jigsaw and his followers by titling itself Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, but that promise was apparently a psych-out — is it any surprise, really, when the seven movies averaged less than $10 million each to make and took in an average of $125 million in the worldwide box office?

As you can see, not too much is known about Saw 8: Legacy yet. The much-anticipated revival of the iconic series has already drummed up a ton of fan speculation across the internet, but no official trailers, posters, casting choices, plot concepts, or even verbal acknowledgement of the movie’s existence have been made yet. Assuming filming really does begin in two months as planned, though, Saw fans should start receiving news soon. It’s probably a pretty good bet Lionsgate is not going to miss out on an opportunity to get a Saw 8 hype train going.

[Image via TeNENTBr/Youtube]