Candy Corn Oreos Verdict Is In: They Taste Like Sugar And More Sugar

If you were excited that candy corn and Oreos were coming together to make Candy Corn Oreos, the heavily-anticipated day on which the Halloween-themed mashup hit store shelves is nigh, and the verdict is in … they’re a sugar orgy.

If you like candy corn and you like Oreos, chances are you are not the type of person put off by overly-sweet confections wholesale, since basically all candy corn has going for it is it manages to give the granularity of sugar a more pleasant mouthfeel before you inject it into your piehole with alacrity.

Candy corn is one of those love it or hate it things, and Candy Corn Oreos are, in large part, a simply festive thing for the season since tell me right now what candy corn is flavored like, I triple dog dare you. It tastes of nothing but sugar and trick-or-treat disappointment, a last-resort when all the Reese’s and M&Ms run out.

But candy corn is an iconic image of autumn, with its instantly recognizable three colors like the imaginary flag of the small nation, Candy Cornia. And basically anyone in America will house a sleeve of Oreos given motive, means and opportunity, even if the far more refined copy-product Trader Joe’s Joe-Joes are available. Sorry, Joe.

candy corn oreos

Reviews for Candy Corn Oreos are filtering in, and the product seems unlikely to knock your socks off. Foodbeast says they “pretty much taste like frosting,” which, if an attempt to damn them with faint praise, is unsuccessful because frosting. The blog explains:

“How do they taste? Like frosting. If no one had told you they were candy corn flavor, chances are you would have never guessed it was themed after the popular Halloween candy. There’s a slight hint of candy corn flavoring, but it’s almost indistinguishable from birthday cake frosting flavors.”

So it seems Candy Corn Oreos, like candy corn itself, is largely an ornamental thing rather than a flavor — but they’d be pretty on a Halloween cheesecake. And as far as nailing candy corn in an Oreo goes, we’ll have to chalk this up as a win for Nabisco.