'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Summer Kidnaps Tate, Kristen DiMera Returning?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that a big kidnapping may be in the works, and that one unlucky couple are about to live every parent's nightmare.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans may see Summer, the long-lost daughter of Maggie Horton-Kiriakis, kidnap Tate Black, the son of Brady Black and Theresa Donovan.

The report reveals that someone has left Summer a big sum of cash, instructions, and photos of her meeting with Clark, the man she accidentally killed. It seems that this unknown person likely knows that Summer murdered Clark and got rid of his body with Dario's help. Now, the mystery person wants Summer to carry out the dangerous task of kidnapping Tate. However, Summer will be leery of doing so, because of her feelings for Tate's father, Brady.

It appears that Days of Our Lives viewers will likely see Summer give in due to the large amount of cash, as well as the strong threat of blackmail hanging over her head. If she doesn't do what she's asked to do, then it's possible she'll be heading to prison for a very long time.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Tate to be kidnapped?
[Image via NBC]So, who is the mystery person behind Summer's blackmail? It could be a few different people. A strong candidate is Victor Kiriakis. Victor and Theresa have butted heads for years, and Victor has made no secret of his hatred towards the mother of his great-grandson.

Recently, Days of Our Lives fans watched as Victor caught Theresa napping in the park when she was supposed to be watching Tate. Of course, Victor ripped into Theresa for her parenting mistake and made her feel like garbage. Could Victor try to teach Theresa a lesson and open Brady's eyes to his fiance's downfalls, by having Tate kidnapped? It's likely, but not the most believable of situations.

One Days of Our Lives fan theory is that Kristen DiMera, who is long thought dead, could be behind Tate's kidnapping. As many DOOL viewers know, it was Kristen who had Theresa's unborn baby stolen from her womb and implanted into her own body. Kristen carried and gave birth to Tate, whom she called Christopher DiMera, and then raised him as an infant. Theresa and Brady then tracked her down and got their son back, but not before Marlena, who was also there, fought Kristen and sent her flying out the window to her death, or so it seemed anyway.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actress Jen Lilley, who plays Theresa Donovan, is leaving Days of Our Lives, and this could be the first move in the storyline that will see her character exit. Will Tate be gone for years, and will Theresa set out looking for him? Could Brady and Theresa possibly think that Tate is dead, and Theresa will leave Salem in her grief? It's hard to predict what will happen, but this will be one storyline to keep an eye on if you're a DOOL fan.

Days of Our LIves spoilers: Kristen DiMera behind Tate's kidnapping?
[Image via NBC]Many viewers are already talking about the possibility of Kristen DiMera returning to the soap as there is a real lack of a bad girl presence in Salem currently. Theresa is on her way out, Sami Brady is long gone, and Nicole has seemingly turned good, at least for now. Kate is still devious as ever, but her storylines have been a bit stale over the past couple of years and mostly revolve around her many romantic trysts.

Kristen DiMera returning to Days of Our Lives for a while would liven things up, especially in the wake of all the departures that are currently underway.

What are your thoughts on Summer reportedly kidnapping Tate on Days of Our Lives?

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