UFC 200: Gegard Mousasi Not Seeing Title Shot Anytime Soon, MMA Star Coming After Daniel Cormier This Saturday Instead?

MMA fighter Gegard Mousasi has his eyes set on powerful MMA contender Daniel Cormier this coming Saturday.

Gegard Mousasi has already faced many foes in the UFC 200, but he said he is willing to move up to light heavyweight just to face Cormier.

Meanwhile, the former Olympic wrestler is looking forward to fighting Jon Jones this Saturday, but Jones was pulled out of the Saturday match after the alert about him using doping medication came in.

MMA President Dana White announced the immediate change in the fights line up just a couple of days ago. White also announced that Broc Lesnar and Mark Hunt will be the new main event.

USADA, the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, will handle the results management and appropriate adjudication of this case. It is important to note that, under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, there is a full fair legal review process that is afforded to all athletes before any sanctions are imposed.

With a blank slate on the table, Mousasi would like to take this opportunity to catch a bigger fish this coming Saturday.

As for Dana White, he does not think Jon Jones could come back easily since these regulations would need a minimum of two years of suspension.

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Dana White said that this news has surprised him as well. He was saying that everything has been going so smoothly for the coming Saturday matches that they might be anticipating a big bad news. Then, this happened.

To solve the open Daniel Cormier fight, Gegard Mousasi offers himself as an opponent. Mousasi did not hesistate in this, and he even said he could adjust his weight in just two days if the UFC 200 would notify him right away.

Nima Safapour, Gegard Mousasi’s manager, told Fox Sports that Mousasi is not hesistant to fight and adjust his weight.

“He is the guy to save the show,” wrote Safapour in a text.

It seems that Mousasi’s camp is pretty confident that he could win the big match. It might not come as a surprise since he has been preparing and training for his match with Thiago Santos in the middleweight division. Gegard Mousasi must have felt ready to just move up the weight.

At the same time, being a light heavyweight is not new to Gegard Mousasi since he has been a former champion of the 205 pounds division before.

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Aside from the open slot with Daniel Cormier this Saturday, Mousasi shared his thoughts about his ending contract with the MMA. In an interview with MMA Fighting, he said that since he only has three fights left to do, he does not believe he will be given a chance to fight for a title match. He even said in an interview with the Three Amigos Podcast that Dan Henderson’s matchup with UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping “makes no sense.”

It really doesn’t make sense, but this sport is not about who earns it or not, it’s just about who is more popular or who is gonna do better pay-per-views. It’s entertainment, and it’s not so fair that way.

With the cutting in the line of the MMA entertainment fight scene, as Mousasi would refer to it, Daniel Cormier, on the other hand is just left hanging. Though he said he would be willing to fight Gegard Mousasi, he believes UFC should give him a go signal and tell him it would make sense for the two to pair up.

So far, there are no decisions or announcements yet on this bold move from Mousasi.

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