UFO Above Cincinnati Spotted, Followed By Military Helicopters: Just One Of The Many Reports Of Flying Saucers In Ohio

Recently, a large UFO was spotted above Cincinnati. The flying saucer was being followed by military helicopters as it was seen shooting through the sky.

When people in Cincinnati gazed into the sky and noticed a large UFO hovering, the people in the city were not the only folks interested.

Shortly after the UFO made its way through the city, military helicopters came flying through on the same path, possibly wanting to make contact with the flying saucer.

UFO flies over cincinnati followed by military helicopters [Image via Shutterstock]A man from Covington, Kentucky, said he was awakened at 3 a.m. to the sound of helicopters filling the sky. When he looked into the sky, he was able to see that the military helicopters were after a UFO. The man, who decided to remain anonymous, was able to record the sighting, and even captured the UFO for a brief moment.

During his filming, he made the comment that the UFO was nearly 10 times larger than the military helicopters.


Of course, the government or military have yet to make a statement concerning the UFO sighting in Cincinnati. This was the most recent UFO sighting in the area, but they have certainly increased within the past few months. In fact, just a couple months ago in May, a witness videotaped a potential UFO hovering over the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. A woman was heard making a statement as she watched the UFO.

“It looks like it’s moving with the clouds.”

The Wright-Patterson Air Force base housed the project that documented alleged UFO sightings from 1947 to 1969. Take a look at the sighting for yourself. Is this a UFO hovering about the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?

The National UFO Reporting Center for Ohio has many reports on UFO sightings throughout Ohio. One of the most recent includes a UFO hovering to the side of fireworks in North Canton, Ohio. The witness reports that while watching fireworks at Dogwood Park on July 4, a light orb was seen hovering to the right of the fireworks display. It ascended and descended quickly at times straight up and down, unlike a helicopter or any other explained flying object. The object stayed in the sky for about 20 minutes before taking off.

UFO sightings in Ohio [Image via Shutterstock]Another report was recorded in Toledo, Ohio, on June 29. The witness claims to have seen a bright white light moving slowly in the sky. Suddenly, three jets appeared as though they were chasing after the UFO. The UFO shot up “like a shooting star” and was gone, and the jets left the scene. The witness saw this happen two times that night in two different locations.

Another sighting in Cincinnati took place on March 20. A witness reports leaving the house for an exercise run that morning around 11:20 a.m., when all of a sudden he or she looked up and noticed multiple lights against the blue sky. The lights created a square in the sky. After the witness went to retrieve binoculars in the house, the sighting was gone. However, down the road a little way, the bright lights were seen again until they suddenly disappeared around 11:30 a.m.

Ohio certainly is not new to UFO and extraterrestrial sightings. In fact, the state of Ohio is said to be one of the most active spots for UFO sightings in the nation. Cleveland is home to the oldest UFO group in the world, the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), which was founded in March 1952. Their website can be found here. If you or someone you know see a UFO in Ohio, you are encouraged to contact CUP about your sighting. They investigate UFO sightings regularly throughout Ohio.

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