‘True Blood’ The Musical? This Might Actually Be A Thing, But Here’s What Fans Don’t Want To See

If you were a fan of HBO’s True Blood and never quite got over the fact the show was axed, hold tightly onto your bottles of True Blood. It seems you just might have a reprieve with True Blood: The Musical.

Yes, you read right. There have been rumors in the past about a possible musical for the sexy, bloody vampire drama. However, these rumors have not yet gotten their second death and keep rising from the grave like Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) did in Episode 8 of the first season of True Blood.

According to an article from the New York Post, True Blood: The Musical is set to be reunited with the TV series musical director, Nathan Barr. As Rolling Stone pointed out, Barr has been a fan of adapting True Blood into a musical for several years now. Pam MacKinnon has signed on as director with YA author, Elizabeth Scott, writing the book and lyrics. While there is no official confirmation yet that Alan Ball will also be involved with True Blood: The Musical, NYPost states he is keeping an eye on things to date.

So, if this is really going to be a thing, what would you like to see in True Blood: The Musical, as opposed to what you wouldn’t like to see? Here’s a list of the best (and worst) that True Blood: The Musical could bring to the table.

HBO's True Blood love triangle between Eric, Bill and Sookie

The best bits of True Blood

  1. The love triangle between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Bill Compton, and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). Season 1 of True Blood began with Sookie being introduced to the vampire world thanks to the arrival of Bill Compton. He lived next door and was a typical Southern gentleman that the audience could get behind. Of course, the fact that was a ruse was something fans were not to discover yet. However, it would be enchanting to see this betrayal play out on the stage. Eric Northman, of course, was the opposite of Bill. He was the wonderful bad boy that was just the right kind of inappropriate Sookie could never take home to meet her grandmother.
  2. Everything from Season 1 of True Blood. Season 1 was a magical time for True Blood. The script followed the books quite closely and introduced the characters organically. Fans fell in love with the Stackhouses and had not yet learned to mistrust just how wrong everything could go with Bon Temps and the show in general. Each storyline played out as it should and didn’t overstay its welcome like in following seasons.
  3. The fact “vampires” was just a euphemism for minority groups. If True Blood: The Musical can keep this as its common theme throughout, the show just might be able to break free from all the other vampire stage productions that failed so miserably. For while fans could take True Blood as just a fantasy show about vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures, it could also be viewed on an entirely different level. Vampires could also be seen as the current minority group that everyone chose to hate just because they didn’t understand them. Vampires were the new gays, the new transgender bathroom issue, the new religious minority or any other minority you wanted to substitute them for.
  4. Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse. Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) were a match made in comedic heaven. Jason was the resident stupid redneck that got all the ladies. Andy the bumbling deputy who went on to become the sheriff of Bon Temps. At times Andy hated Jason, but regardless of their relationship, it always made for good humor.
  5. Ginger. Speaking of great comedic relief, Ginger was fantastic, be it in the TV series or the books the show was based on. Getting the actress who played Ginger, Tara Buck, back for the musical would just be amazing because you just can’t have a vampire musical without someone who can scream on command.
HBO's True Blood smoke monster

The worst bits of True Blood

  1. The smoke monster. Yes, the TV version of True Blood had a smoke monster. No, we’re not really sure why. This never needs to be repeated, not even for True Blood: The Musical.
  2. The Maenad. In the books True Blood was based on, the Maenad was a minor character. Instead, Alan Ball made Season 2 of True Blood all about the Maenad and everything became a bizarre orgy with possessed, black-eyed people.
  3. Hotshot. Remember this town? In the books True Blood was based on, Hotshot was not the meth capital of the South. Instead, it was a tiny community of werepanthers. Jason Stackhouse got kidnapped in the books by Crystal Norris in an effort to bring new blood into the inbred community. As a result of this, Jason ends up as a werepanther, well, partly one. He turns at the full moon, but not into a full werepather. In the True Blood TV series, this never happened and Hotshot was more about being the worst place with the meanest people ever. So don’t even get me started on what they did with Calvin Norris.
  4. Tara’s death. Let this be a lesson to the writers of True Blood: The Musical, Tara did not deserve to die that way. She just didn’t. No offstage deaths at all please guys! Especially if it is just so the character can forgive the worst mother ever.
  5. Zombie Vampires. Now, apparently this wasn’t the plan when Hep-V infected vampires descended on Bon Temps in the Season 6 finale, but, for fans of the show, zombie vampires were a thing. However, the one thing worse than a vampire show jumping on the zombie bandwagon is when that “worldwide threat” turns out to be nothing more than a handful of zombie vampires strategically placed as a weak subplot that gets resolved fairly quickly in the final season of True Blood.

What parts of True Blood would you like to see in True Blood: The Musical? Which bits do you hope never to see the light of day again? Let us know by commenting below!

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