Donald Trump Destroys GOP Fundraising Expectations, But It's Still Not As Much As Hillary Clinton

Many didn't believe that Donald Trump was going to be able to raise a lot of money in his fundraising for the 2016 presidential election. Well, not only did he raise a lot, but he blew everyone's expectations out of the water by raising $51 million with the Republican National Convention in the month of June. That's a huge jump from their overall total in May and something to be impressed by, but they still weren't able to top Hillary Clinton.

He's still campaigning, though, and he's determined to top Clinton.

According to the Washington Post, Trump raised more than $26 million in June through online and mail solicitations. Another $25 million came through events with the Republican National Convention (RNC), and this overall total of $51 million is something he hopes will silence his doubters.

Donald Trump didn't really start fundraising until the middle of May, which shows that he's capable of raising large sums of money in a short amount of time. It didn't equal up to the $68.5 million raised by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in June, but he wasn't really expected to reach that level.

donald trump gop fundraising million hillary trump democratic party presidential race 2016
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According to reports, $40.5 million of that $68.5 million was raised directly by Clinton.

As for Trump and the GOP, the majority of the money came near the final 10 days of June when his campaign started soliciting money online. It was the first time they had taken that approach, and it proved to be extremely successful; more than 400,000 supporters made donations last month.

Steven Mnuchin is Trump's national finance chairman, and he is extremely proud of the amount of money that has been raised since online fundraising began a mere two weeks ago.

"We're extremely pleased with the response. We are seeing similar levels to level of success that Bernie Sanders was able to attract from his supporters."

There was even one day of the month where more than $3 million was brought in.Many had doubts of Trump's fundraising power after he and the GOP raised a mere $3.1 million in the month of May. During that same time period, Clinton and the Democratic National Convention ended up raising close to $28 million, according to USA Today.

donald trump gop fundraising million hillary clinton democratic party presidential race 2016
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Even though Trump may not be able to get to the same level in fundraising contributions as Hillary Clinton, he may not have to. His ability to draw in people and get their attention through his speeches and TV advertising campaigns is more than enough to gain more support and do it in a cheaper manner.

As of now, Clinton has raised more than three times the amount of money that Trump has collected, but no-one in the Republican National Convention seems to worried about that. The RNC and Trump pretty much believe that Clinton is going to end up doing herself in and that it won't matter how much money she has raised.

Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention raising $51 million in June is something that was totally unexpected and tells a lot of people one thing -- he has a chance. Sure, Hillary Clinton may have raised more money with the Democratic Party, but that was what everyone saw coming, and it's not really a big shock. Trump being able to raise that sort of money means the GOP candidate has some solid backing as he heads into the presidential race.

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